Hot chips!!!

  • I am almost 28 weeks an I LOVE eating hot chips aka flaming hot Cheetos... I know its a crazy question but should I try to stop or is it ok....

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  • I know!!! My favorite... lol... Thanks!!!

  • Omg. I've been craving those too! I want them like everyday. Try pouring a bunch into a bowl, and squeezing lemon all over them. Omg. To die foooorrr!! :D

  • I go thru at least two big bags a day!!! My hubby don't like me eating them but who can help it!!!

  • Lol...i just bought a big bag ALL for myself the other day...but I squeeze lime juice on top of them and pour

  • Jess510Jess510 March 2011

    Hot chips give me hot butt! I love em but don't like the effects they give me :(

  • Kmose77Kmose77 March 2011

    im in love with spicy food period!

  • My favorite are the red hot potato chips and I just ate a plate full. It's my understanding that hot/spicy food can cause heartburn but other than that I haven't heard anything negative about eating hot/spicy food.

  • Lol I eat the chips hot fries everyday. Lol

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  • Omg! I just got done eating flaming hot puffs! I love the puffy ones...matter of fact...think ill have the hubby go on a quiktrip run now for some

  • SalasMommySalasMommy March 2011

    I love the puffy ones too they have more flavor! I love ating them with lemon as well the reg. Ones though and white nacho cheese!!! They r so good I never had a problem I ate them all the time as soon as I hit 35wks the heartburn was unbearable so I haven't had them in a while :(

  • SalasMommySalasMommy March 2011

    with nacho cheese

  • MrsmenefeeMrsmenefee March 2011

    Im 24 weeks . And I have the same craving as you . Hot chips ! My doctor told me eating any spicy food was okay as long as I dont get heartburn .

  • Leggs2011Leggs2011 March 2011

    Do your nipples get hard when you smell something hot or think real hard about it?? Its sooo strange. Mine do! I looove hot crap. I've been craving bdubs for ever. I really want it for every meal.(buffalo wild wings is bdubs) lol

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  • I really really want hot chips now.. lol wow

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  • OMG.... I guess I gotta try them wit Lime (picks up car keys) I'm headed to the store... lol... I'm so glad they don't have a affect on my baby cuz They make me really happy lol

  • Really?? Um slipping... i usually know all the new snacks lol...

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