they can fired you from your work if you are pregnant?

  • proudmammyproudmammy March 2011

    Hi I'm 8 weeks and 2 day my due date its Oct 26. I work for a company that takes care of elderly people "care giver" I haven't tell in my work that I'm pregnant because I'm afraid that they can fired me and I really don't want that I want to work until I'm 7 months pregnant. Can you please give me any advice. I was going thinking to tell them about my pregnancy on April but my belly its starting to grown and I don't feel good been hiding it.what should I do?

  • caroline8_pcaroline8_p March 2011

    First: they CANNOT fire you for being pregnant.

    Second: youre probably just bloated, you can wait til 3-4 months if you want, unless you have to help with lifying the patients, then telling then now would be ideal.

    Third: good luck!

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  • AMiyahsMommyAMiyahsMommy March 2011

    Yea I agree wit @caroline8_p its illegal.

  • mami2bemami2be March 2011

    Yeah I was thinking the samething. I'm 15wks and I just started my new job back in Jan. An I have a feeling their going to try an fire me. So I'm waiting until July to tell them bc then they would have to pay me unemplyment. I'm a studio manager, So no one ever see's me at my job.

  • jonesnajjonesnaj March 2011

    ull be fine hun I think we all have those thoughts its illegal for anyjob to fire you because ur pregnant . The best thing to do is keep documentations of all your doctors notes and days that u will be out sick . they may not fire for being pregnant but they can if you miss to many days or come late and they dont have a reason such as u being pregnant.

  • jonesnajjonesnaj March 2011

    Also I waited until I was 5 months to tell my job because my health started getting the best of me. and I new me being out to often would get me fired without a medical excuse.

  • rainbowsrainbows March 2011

    They can't fire u for being pregnant, as it is discrimination and u can take them to court over it.. not sure how many weeks it is but ur not legally obliged to tell them until a certain number of weeks (in UK anyway) have a look on the internet about your rights. Congrats :)

  • hurstk28hurstk28 March 2011

    I worked up to 2 days before my due date with my first child. They can't fire you because you are pregnant. I didn't tell my boss until i was 4 months pregnant.

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  • thts true wat...katie said, i read abt tht!! .but for d place u said u wrk for im sure they hav mor than 15staff members, so outside of tht if they fire u, just bcuz u confess; contact eeoc force to file a claim 1st then find yurself a lawyer(:

  • sara102011sara102011 March 2011

    I got fired today: ( it was my own fault though. I missed the bus because i couldn't stop throwing up

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  • iris_y_juaniris_y_juan March 2011

    My sis jst got fired from her job for being pg..she didn't tell them right away she is only 9 wks but 2 wks ago on a Friday she went to the er cause she was bleeding nd the doc told her she was having a threaten miscarriage..she had to call her job because she was put on bed rest for a wk nd she wrkd tht Saturday so they told her she/the preg was bring a inconvenience to them nd tht it wasn't the time to be they told her she had to let them know by Monday when she was goin to see a doc..she was still waiting on her Medicaid # nd her job didn't care..mind u she wrks for a doc office u would think they understood she couldn't see a doc with out tht #..wrong! She wasn't able to get the number until tht Tuesday nd seen a doc Wednesday..the doc told her she can go back to wrk Monday since she wasn't bleeding nd was feeling btter..well she told her job Wednesday Wht the doc said they didn't say anything but they called the next day on Thursday talkin bout we won't be expecting u at wrk next wk we are letting u go for ensibornation..nd tht was it..she was asking. For an explanation but they got rude nd Hung up on Idk anything about wrk right or anything like tht but is tht illegal??

  • desertrosedesertrose March 2011

    There are some jobs ie bartending, that makes you aware before or at hiring that if you become pregnant the work space is an unsafe enviroment most of those places" lay you off" so that you can collect unemployment temporarily and usually will hire you back on after but if your work enviroment is unsafe or you were told at hiring or before than they can otherwise its discrimination and you should file a claim and they can be fined big time

  • proudmammyproudmammy March 2011

    Would the thing it's that my job its kinda heavy. I do lift the patients and I give them showers and help them getting dressed. I think they do have more then 15 employees. So what should I do because I find out that I was pregnant 3 weeks ago and if they ask me when did I find. Out what should I said? I'm afraid

  • rhondala71rhondala71 March 2011

    They don't have a legal right to ask u bout anything regarding your private medical. They can ask u what things u can/can't do. Its not legal unless theyre a small business. Which theyre not. Forget the EEOC. I HAVE FILED BEFORE WITH THEM AND WAS COMPLETLEY IGNORED. THEY DIDN'T EVEN CALL ME. I work for a home health org and just told them im preg. They didn't seem to care and are even sending me out to a male patient with violence problems. These places only care about how they can use you. Just don't talk about it too much after u tell them and they shouldn't get nervous. They don't want to know too much.

  • borrowedtimeborrowedtime March 2011

    Actually, yes they can. Depending on a few things. I actually dealt with this firsthand with my last pregnancy. If they are. Church, yes. Less than 50 employees yes.

  • borrowedtimeborrowedtime March 2011

    Also have no one to back you up? A court case is pointless. It's unfortunate.

  • proudmammyproudmammy March 2011

    OK another question in case they fire me can I apply for unemployment? The whole pregnancy ?

  • borrowedtimeborrowedtime March 2011

    As long as they do not list that you did something against company policy. Even then you may be able to. My company didn't even try to stop my unemployment. They knew what they did was wrong. I still looked for work but getting hired while pregnant isn't easy.

  • miriam24miriam24 March 2011

    My mom works in a nursing home too lol for over 8yrs now and most her co-workers get prego n dont loose their jobs hun they caint fire u lol

  • They can only fire you if it interferes with your job, but it's a very slippery thing to try. Just tell them. Otherwise you won't have your fmla paperwork done in time. Trust me, that's not a good thing to leave to the last second. Plus not telling your boss, they remember that. Doesn't look good..who wants to be on their boss's bad side

  • miriam24miriam24 March 2011

    They wont hire u in most places if prego but if ur working already and u get prego they cant fire u but yeah its best that ur work place knows!

  • vette_devilvette_devil March 2011

    There are different laws for every state... my state allowed me to legally be let go from my job because it only had 5 employee's. Federally I believe they have to have at least 15 employee's, and in my state (Oregon) it's 20, so I was protected by neither. You need to look into your state's labor laws to fully understand your rights. All the info you need should be online. Good luck! :)

  • Jaime77Jaime77 March 2011

    @ sarah102011
    That sucks!! :(

  • Jaime77Jaime77 March 2011

    I would suggest all working moms file fmla paperwork asap! fed. Law protecting you if u need a sic day. It's unpaid but @ least we can't get fired.

  • proudmammyproudmammy March 2011

    Well I live in California. I think they do protect pregnant women but I'm going to look deeper. And so its best to let them know now?

  • 4senough4senough March 2011

    Check on the labor laws first, then talk to your doc and find out how long you'll be able to perform your duties without harm to baby. Tell him what you find out about labor laws, try to work as long as you can. Don't tell them till you see your doc again and have a better idea on what you will be able to do at work, that way you can tell them what doc said. I got fired for being pregnant, and haven't been able to find work, i want to help you keep your job if i can.

  • m2bhopem2bhope March 2011

    I work in Colorado. It is an at will state. I can be fired at any time for no reason. However... if they fire me for no reason I can collect unemployment. Being pregnant is not a valid reason to fire you. Missing days or being late is.

  • MommyAgainMommyAgain March 2011

    Ca is an "at will" employer can be let go at any time pretty much without reason...the same way we can leave a job cuz we want to...I was in the process of looking for a job when I found out I was 7 weeks along....I gave up my search...who's gonna hire preggo? I'm worried cuz my unemployment runs out in about a month....wonder if the doctor could put me on disability

  • You need to tell them as you need a risk assessment done encase anything happens to you.

  • You can write to the women's bureau publications the address is :
    The Women's Bureau Publications
    U.S. Department of Labor
    Box Ex200 Constitution Avenue NW
    Washington. DC 20210
    and ask for a summary of your state laws regarding pregnancy like family leave and employment laws ext

  • natashalynnnatashalynn March 2011

    They cant fire you for being pregnant. However...they can always find other excuses to fire you. So keep it under wraps if you're worried, and be on your best behavior. Yes you could sue if fired, but its hard to prove, as well as expensive and long to do. Good luck.

  • proudmammyproudmammy March 2011

    @4senough thanks for your your kindness. OK I will do that. But I don't see my doctor till April 4 by then I be 3 months pregnant. Where also can I get info. I have a social worker do you think she can help me?

  • proudmammyproudmammy March 2011

    @mostephanite thanks for your help I'm going to write them to see what are the possibility of stay or be fired from my Work. Thanks again.

  • @proudmammy you are welcome u asked at the right time lol it was in my week by week book for this weeks chapter

  • proudmammyproudmammy March 2011

    Lucky I'm .LOL Thanks again

  • Hope4galHope4gal March 2011

    Well I started a job, two wks into workn I found out I was p, and had bad ms, the job required me to work with hospital paper so I was let go ;( but im not so mad cuz ive been sick so bad I couldnt work!

  • proudmammyproudmammy March 2011

    Not to good news.yesterday when I pick up my check they ask me to sign a paper about self contractor agreement they said it was a new policy from the job. That agreement its that there not responsible if something happend to me that I'm not entitled to rights or benefits afforded to companys employees including disability or unemployment insurance. Workers compensation medical insurance sick leave. Vacation paid.retirement benefits or any other employees benefits.basically they said a contractor agrees that she or he not and will not become an employee. Partner. Agent joint or any thing related to that .what should I do? Should I sign the contract that's the only way to continue working? I'm a single mother and I don't got any others support. If I loose my job I'm not even going to have to pay my rent.:(

  • momfor2momfor2 March 2011

    I would like them to fire me! Then I would sue for discrimination and roll around in the money and send them a pic of me rolling around in the money. After that I would live happily ever after as a stay at home mom :D not only can they not fire you, but if you can no longer do parts of you job like lifting they have to do proper accomidations. You can ask your doc to write you a note saying u can't lift more then 50 lbs.

  • momfor2momfor2 March 2011

    I would have a lawyer look over the contract and explain the situation. Also see if the state does a medicare program to help you with med bills. Lastly start looking for another job. If they don't support u in the way you need, they are not worth working for.

  • I would find out the exact laws. If it's illegal for a company to ask about pregnancy & kids during interview process then how can they make you agree to no job once pregnant?

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  • proudmammyproudmammy March 2011

    I don't know why this changes I been working with this company since August and now there coming with this new contract and its for one year. Its hard to find a job when you are pregnant no body wants to hired you when you are expecting. :( I'm so sad all I do its just cry and cry because if feel so lonely with no support at all girls please help me and give me some advice I really need someone to listen to me.

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  • MonicaMonica March 2011

    I am in the same line of work. No they can not fire you, but they can put you on light duty, assistance with lifting (other workers or hoyer lift), or move you to a unit with more indepent patients.

  • mom2beof3mom2beof3 March 2011

    I'm a cna and got a Dr note to work. It is ok, they cannot fire u but my job did recently fire me because I had an asthma attack and couldn't call off b4 I went to hospital. Mind u I was with them for a year and never ever had a call off at all. They said it was a no call no show. I applied for unemployment they denied me at 1st but I appealed and won because they were in the wrong. I'm also filing a complaint with dept of labor too!!! I love working but I'm kind of happy cuz I don't have to work too hard while preggo but I'm gonna use this free time and take more classes at school. but anyways go to the dept of labor website and read all of the laws they have. most companies don't expect us to know our rights and will try anything. Hope everything works out!!!!!

  • proudmammyproudmammy March 2011

    Hello girls .I been thinking all this days and I'm going to sign the contract and maybe in two months I'm going to let them know at my work that I'm pregnant and all I have to do its just wait and see how are ther going to react. By them at least I have work a few months to save money.because today I discover something that Its been very painful for me my boyfriend my baby's daddy he has a daughter from his first marriage she its already 10 years old and his been separated about 3 years ago but his wife and daughter are in Mexico. But he still have contact with them because he sends money to his daughter to support her in school and things she needs for living well to make it short I check his email and find some messages that kills me don't know what to do I haven't tell him nothing. But I can' with. A person thalater.on his going to live me with no compation this really hurt me but don't know what to please

  • proudmammyproudmammy April 2011

    Hi hows everyone doing?

  • @proudmammy im ok . tired and got a really bad headache and my sciatic nerve is bugging me . and im also starving but dont have anything to eat . how are you ?

    *ryde or die momma*
  • proudmammyproudmammy April 2011

    @kenziesmom .I'm glad you feeling OK in some words. I'm doing OK too resting now that I'm not working no more .how far are you ? I'm 12 weeks today :)

  • redhead25redhead25 April 2011

    Not sure exactly how fmla works but I know u can file for it so if u have to miss work for Dr appt or emergency u are protected. Might be something worth looking into. You should also call the dept of labor they know all the laws and will tell u what is legal and illegal.

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  • proudmammyproudmammy April 2011

    Thanks for your help @ redhead25

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