Can soda affect my baby ?

  • I`ll be 14 weeks on tuesday but lately I have been craving pepsi.. Can drinking it effect my baby?

  • laura536laura536 March 2011

    Its the caffiene you need to avoid. Try drinking caffiene free.

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  • No but its not recommended to drink any kind of caffeine but caffeine free it ok to drink the only reg soda I'm aloud to drink is coke but only if I have a really bad headache it helps.. idk if they have caffeine free Pepsi if they don't one soda wont harm your baby just don't drink too much soda ur baby gunna come out jumping off the walls lol((:

  • I treat myself to a coke on the weekends. I've been really good about it too,cuz that was all I drank pre pregnancy. One every once in a while won't hurt you :)

  • ITS OKAY TO DRINK CAFFEINE :) I drink 2 cups of coffee every day and did with my last pregnancies too! My kids are ALL perfect. I have been told by 2 diff dr's just to try not to go over th reccomended mg. which u can google ir ask your doc

  • Ps my children r not bouncin off walls eitherlol

  • sands3sands3 March 2011

    Yea. You'll be fine. I drink coffee in the mornings...did with my son to. He's healthy and not hyper....well, no more than any other 3 yr old not. Lol

  • momamarmomamar March 2011

    something to remember... caffeine is dehydrating so if you do drink a pepsi, be sure to drink a few extra glasses of water :)

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  • Thank you ladies .. I drink lots of water but lately when I eat certain foods I crave a pepsi as my drink, for the past week I drunk a cup a day so I was a little worried.. Im cutting it down to 2 or 3 times a week..Dont want to over due it..

  • ProudmommaProudmomma March 2011

    I could only drink cherry coke with my first and she is completely okay she's 11 years old now. I drink soda with this one. Lol the positive side is caffeine wont effect them later on like some kids.

  • I heard that diet soda leads to premature birth it was just some study done but I wont take a chance and drink it

  • @proudmomma ;; im glad to heard thats

    @finallypregnant2 ;; thanks for the information , I wouldnt risk it either.

  • your welcome. ;)

  • SimplyJenaiSimplyJenai March 2011

    Im glad someone asked this.....Dr Pepper is my weakness and now Im also on Vanilla coke and crave them all the time....I try the non caffine drinks like 7up and sprite but they dont compare to the favorite.

  • @simplyjenai ;; I understand exactly where your coming from.. its the same thing over here

  • lilbit01_209lilbit01_209 March 2011

    I volunteer at a zoo and worked 8 1/2 hr shifts (Spring Break and over 17,000 guests) and everyday I had one coke. It was refreshing to go on lunch and get one!!! My doc said no more than 200mg per day and I dont drink much anyways. I will have an occasional cup of coffee. (Helps with the 3 hr walking tours with 120 5th graders!! LOL)

  • My dr said the less the better but it's not that bad, just don't drink more than 300mg a day, which would be the equivalent if drinking about 8 regular 12 ounce pepsis lol which is alot!

  • MommyAgainMommyAgain March 2011

    I've been addicted to root caffeine and does the dark cola trick

  • ckazfirstckazfirst March 2011

    I totally had like 3 large gulps of Pepsi tonight. Now up and can't sleep...but it was worth it. I'm in 1st trimester so doctor said its ok minimumly which I hardly touch coffee these days.

  • I have been trying to drink grape soda to replace drinking pepsi.. Lol

  • Cmasat4Cmasat4 March 2011

    Bargs root beer has caffine so keep that in mind

  • sUgArFooT_4sUgArFooT_4 March 2011

    I can have 2 cans of coke or 1 cup a coffe regular a day, especially that i suffer from migraines regularly. Its ok to have some as long as u drink more water. None of my kids are hyper from it. Lol

  • MommyAgainMommyAgain March 2011

    @cmasat4 my a & w doesn't...

  • salsabiasalsabia March 2011

    My doc said I could have the equivalent of a grande Starbucks coffee and tea with each meal. He told me NOT to cut out caffeine!!!

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  • Cmasat4Cmasat4 March 2011

    @MommyAgain A&w doesn't neither does mug

  • Kateee10Kateee10 March 2011

    They tell you not to drink it, but if you do for it to be uncaffeinated (ewh) I kind of put that rule out of mind my entire pregnancy with my daughter & was a Mountain Dew fiend. She came out a beautiful 7 pounds 7 ounces and nineteen inches. It didn't affect her at all. I'm ten weeks pregnant now, & am trying to cut back but find it REALLY difficult!

  • Orange Crush is what I crave!!! Funny thing is I've always HATED orange soda. LOL! Its caffeine free too!

  • shanIamshanIam March 2011

    Mine said coffee is fine too.

  • soon2b3soon2b3 March 2011

    No more than 1-2 cans and drink water between sodas.....caffeine can cause small birth weight when consumed in excess

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