my boyfriend called me fat & im 19 weeks!!!

  • lisamarielisamarie March 2011

    My boyfriend called me fat and tells me while he is laughing, that he doesn't want to take a shower with me because there is no room! I cried for like an hour. He apologized like a million times, but I just kept crying! Lol I probably made him feel really bad! I know I'm not fat but just pregnant, but it still feels good that I made him feel bad after he said it! Anyone else super sensitive at times??

  • snredasnreda March 2011

    My Husband got me a treadmill and told me I need to run in it, lol. I'm 16 weeks with out third and only 128 lbs. I just tell him hes fat and squeeze his belly.

  • boofacebooface March 2011

    Sit on his dumb ass!!! Lol! My hubby said something about my butt I kicked him in the shin!

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  • baybee1aug10baybee1aug10 March 2011

    Sweetie I'm right there with ya. I have always had a really small top half. And I stepped out of the shower and my husband says wow they're kinda sagging? Are they heavy? Bc they've grown a whole cup size and I freaked out and cried and cussed and everything else. But yea feels good when you make em feel bad Haha.

    I just remember what my daddy told me he said... you're making his child you have a right to be fat!:)

  • tintmommatintmomma March 2011

    Men can be such buttheads. Kicking in head or shins a great. Make them feel the pain ass well

  • celias27celias27 March 2011

    Say ... u think I'm fat now just wait 20 more weeks! Lol.. Iget sensative too.. its easy to do.. u can't help it

  • MythicaMythica March 2011

    Yeah, I've been getting super sensitive lately, too. I cried for fifteen minutes just because rejected my card after too many failed attempts! (I think the exp date was wrong or something. idk. it ticks me off) and I cried for like, EVER when my bf (not bd) said he had a weird feeling and he didn't know what it was about. I wasn't even sure why I started crying til he tried getting it out of me. I'm 19w5d! When are you due, @lisamarie

    Where'd you go? I miss you so. Seems like it's been forever since you've been gone. Please come back home...


  • When I was 6 weeks my husband said my belly looks fatter then usual and I should stop eating so much, I just touched his stomach and said aww I felt him kick when are you due! Lol he didn't like that joke since he has a nice little beer gut going on now haha.

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  • lisamarielisamarie March 2011

    @mythica I am 19 weeks today!!! :) and you?

  • lisamarielisamarie March 2011

    I'm glad everyone else feels my pain. I'm like really you called me fat now, I'm only 19 weeks. Lol I have only gained ten pounds.

  • eaparkereaparker March 2011

    Lol we have a tiny shower and can no longer shower together but hubby has chosen his words wisely.

  • lisamarielisamarie March 2011

    Glad your has!! Lol wish mine would learn what not to say!

  • MythicaMythica March 2011

    @lisamarie I'm 19 weeks and 5 days. So I'm barely ahead of you. ;) But yay for mid-august babies!

    Where'd you go? I miss you so. Seems like it's been forever since you've been gone. Please come back home...


  • @mythica poo i used to be a mid-august baby momma! but i m/c. im jealous of yall :P
    but i have a bundle due 11/11/11 lucky due date(:
    hubbys already callin me fat again!

  • z_mommy_2009z_mommy_2009 March 2011

    My hubby told me I need to "buy clothes that fit not that I want to fit" cuz I couldn't find anything dressy to wear. I cried so long we ended up missing Easter church service. Since then whenever I have emotional clothing breakdowns he's really sweet and supportive. I've lost track of how many times he's told me I look sexy after spending a day getting ready! Happy he's learning lol

  • MythicaMythica March 2011

    @mommytobe1 aww, I'm sorry for your loss. :( But I'm only partially jealous of your new date. lol. Cuz I love that date... it's also the day I turn 21! =O I was born 11/11/90, so ya. It'll be fun. ^_^ Lucky me, baby'll be here long before then, so I can get a babysitter for the night and have a little fun to celebrate turning 21! ^_^

    Where'd you go? I miss you so. Seems like it's been forever since you've been gone. Please come back home...


  • aw! yay! thats exciting, i hope my baby comes on that day because i think its an awesome birthday! if not ill still have to tell you happy bday(: i wont be 21 for 2 more years though

  • I stabbed my hubby in the arm with a fork because he stole a tomato off my plate...its amazing what hormones will make you do, lol. But if our men are acting like buttheads, I say they deserve what they get!

  • RemysmommyRemysmommy March 2011

    My fiance called me an orca and when I tried to roll over he said I was a beached whale. But now he "doesn't remember" when I joke about it to my parents

  • lisamarielisamarie March 2011

    @sgtthalesbabies that is awesome you stabbed him with a fork!!! Haha that really made my day!!! :)

  • tiffanystammtiffanystamm March 2011

    Haha too funny stories. My bf is a jerk sometimes but he knows better than to call,me fat. Stand up for yourselves

  • jhroleypoleyjhroleypoley March 2011

    If he calls u fat say now u dont feel sexy so sex is not an option. He'll learn quick...

  • lisamarielisamarie March 2011

    Haha that's a great idea!! He would probably freak out!!

  • z_mommy_2009z_mommy_2009 March 2011

    It's funny cuz if my hubby says something I'm ready to kick him but my mom and I will joke bout it..."waddle girl waddle" lol.

  • @lisamarie Yep...he's even gonna have the scar to show our son years down the road, lol. He took the last of my cheetos tonight and I was like, don't make me stab you with a fork again, he said you don't have one. So I politely informed him the kitchen wasn't that far away!

  • My boyfriend told me I was fat once while rubbing my belly and I got so mad that I kicked the shit out of him and told him to go fuck him all he do is rubb my belly and says "wow she's (the baby) is getting bigger And ur holding it down very well" then kisses and hugs me. I guess making him feel the pain helped so far....cthu

  • My hubby calls me fatty but then I call myself fat lol told my friend I was getting fatter and she said your not fat your pregnant I said there's only so much weight gain I can blame on the baby I can't stop eating cake.

    Mum of a 2 little boys
  • ann_hart19ann_hart19 April 2011

    yea my husband tells me im fat too... just cuz i have to eat every 30 minutes doesnt make me fat...and i have only gained like 10 pounds adn i am 24 weeks pregnant. he rly pisses me of... i dont liket o vent my problems to people online... but i could go on forever... especially with the day we have had!

  • lisamarielisamarie April 2011

    I'm glad I'm not the only one called fat!!

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