Sleepytime Tea

  • mommy4tobemommy4tobe March 2011

    Is it ok to drink sleepytime tea?

  • momof5momof5 March 2011

    I have with all my kids and they came out just fine.

  • I would ask your doctor ive read some herbal tea's arnt good to drink, id rather be safe then sorry. :)

  • marie0907marie0907 March 2011

    Sleepy time tea is made by celestial seasonings. They are deemed safe bye fda during pregnancy. most teas sold in the store will ge made with extracts not straight from herbs and will have safe amounts of herbs. Hope this helps. :)

  • snredasnreda March 2011

    Is it good? And does it work

  • Sleepytime tea is great i love the flavor and for me it works. Its very calming.

  • snredasnreda March 2011

    I'm Having my husband pick some up, they have a new vanilla flavor so I'm gonna try that.

  • theres a really good tea called morning wellness tea that I got at the market of choice. Its made by Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics and its a ginger mint flavor. Its really yummy and definitely makes me feel not so nauseous.

  • JwigsJwigs March 2011

    Oh, I saw the vanilla one at the store! I just got back, haven't even put the groceries away yet. But I decided I should drink the stuff I have before I buy more. I've been drinking sleepytime since I was a kid. I still call it teddy bear tea. I love it.

    Please tell me how the vanilla one is, @snreda!

  • snredasnreda March 2011

    Sure will! I love vanilla

  • LoL at teddy bear tea i love that! The ginger mint sounds good. I might have to find that.

  • JwigsJwigs March 2011

    My mom giving me teddy bear tea is one of my fondest memories. I remember watching her make it when I was 4.

    Do you guys look forward to creating these kinds of simple, treasured moments with your kids like I do? I get a little misty eyed thinking about passing on the traditions I remember as a kid.

    Like my mom also made us eggs in a nest. You cut out the center of a slice of bread with a cookie cutter or glass opening, butter both sides, and pan fry an egg in the opening, flipping half way through . Then you toast the center and cover up the egg. I remember heart shaped nests when I was really young. I was making myself one when I was about 7 weeks preggo and I thought about making my kid one and then I started crying and called my mom.

  • LovelyLaydeeLovelyLaydee March 2011

    @jwigs thats sweet :)

  • Yes! Chamomile sooo goooood

  • snredasnreda March 2011

    OK. So I got the tea. Not the vanilla bc they didn't have it. And I think I made it wrong bc it just tastes like hot water and I can't drink it. How am I supposed to make it

  • you have to let it sit longer. And @jwigs thats a sweet memory ive never even herd of that before but it sounds really cute. I wonder what things i will pass on to my child...

  • snredasnreda March 2011

    I let it sit for like 5 mins I added some honey and that made it a lot better

  • mommy4tobemommy4tobe March 2011

    Thanks ladies. I thought it was safe but wanted to make sure. I was on ambien but got myself off of it because I knew we were going to trying for a baby. So I switched to vanilla sleepytime and love it!

    @snreda....I put my water in the microwave for 3 mins. Then add the tea bag. I let it sit for 10 mins till warm. I think the longer it sits the better.

  • ghettobettyghettobetty March 2011

    Chamomile not safe for preggo. I recommend a mint tea. :)

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  • Sammiegee87Sammiegee87 March 2011

    My doctor told me unisom was safe to take while pregnant. Do you ladies agree with that? I've always had issues sleeping, but its still taking a drug....hard for me to think it's ok???

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