my 2 year old caught my husband and I having sex...

  • waasaewaasae May 2011

    ...a few nights ago and now he won't stop humping things!! Pillows, stuffed animals, anything he can get his little legs around, really... Oh my gosh, I'm so embarrassed, but he even grunts. I'm sure he's making fun of me. lol Of course, my husband thinks it's hilarious, but I'm... uncomfortable. I can only hope by not reacting to it he'll eventually stop. X_X

  • Its actually normal for toddlers to hump things. Trust, he won't remember that yall were having sex. lol

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  • Ha oh goodness that's funny. Im sure it will fade lol

  • waasaewaasae May 2011

    does he really have to grunt though? lol Thanks @caroline8_p :D

  • my3menmy3men May 2011

    I catch my 3 year old humping things sometimes. But he haven't seen my and my Hubby having sex.

  • waasaewaasae May 2011

    hoping it fades soon... lol gah. boys.

  • Lol this made me laugh cuz it happened to me too. But he walked and said hey guys what you doing? Lol so my hubbie told him we where wrestleling and he believed it lol

  • It even happens with girls. when my friends sister was younger, she use to do that.

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  • soon2b3soon2b3 May 2011

    I've never heard of kids randomly humping things.
    Would explain to him that he is displaying undesirable behavior and show him other ideas for his toys, pillows, etc

  • angiefaceangieface May 2011

    OMG lol don't worry he won't remember. When my 11yr old was 8 he walked in on me and myboyfriend I was on top.I was so embarrassed, but I just told him "that's why you knock" also my kids have overheard us ...I told them I was getting a deep tissue massage. Now I'm pretty quiet.

  • bummy87bummy87 May 2011

    yeah hell.get over it occassionally my son will show up at our door im like how long u been standing there lol he seems fine hes 3

  • Kids just do that sometimes lol. I was a daycare teacher and one of the 4 year old girls would hump her hand during nap time. Talk about awkward.

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  • azmomazmom May 2011

    My son randomly humps things too. Well did 2-4 it faded out ive hear its normal but boy its embarasing

  • Like stated be won't remember. My daughter caught me n my hubby. I believe she was around 2 or 3. We was really heavily into it n all we heard was a bunch of giggles I looked up n saw he standing there pointing with her hand over her mouth..... Hubby told her go to ur room n lay down as he closed the door. I guess it should have been closed n da first place. Lmao

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