My boobs DON'T hurt?? But + tests?

  • LeviLuv8LeviLuv8 May 2011

    Ok so the past 4 days I've taken preg tests all with faint + not seeming to get any darker. Today is day 44 of my cycle. Last cycle started on day 44 wroth a chemical pregnancy (not confirmed by drs) only me and my pregly friends. Anyway I don't feel any symptoms! Besides my sense of smell. Usually my boobs ache like hell before my period & for most pregnant women.

    My question is has anyone on pregly not had sore boobs right off the bat? For the past year my boobs have always gotten sore around my period. I'm starting to wonder if them NOT hurting is a pregnancy emotion for me! I'm losing it 7

  • I didn't mine started ab 8 weeks prego

  • LeviLuv8LeviLuv8 May 2011

    @bwhite55019 thanks! It's very weird that mine don't hurt. But maybe it's a good sign right now. I've been cramping a little sometimes feels like period starting but quickly goes away! Yesterday while garage saleing with my mom I felt sick to my stomach. Hoping thats a good sign too!

  • mrs_shumrs_shu May 2011

    My first 2 my boobs were sore for a day or two which for me was typical periods coming soon sign but it never did. For this one they were so horrendous for 2 full weeks BEFORE period was due that I was freaking out wondering didn't stop until a couple weeks before end of firdt trimester.

  • I get sire boobs around period too. Sore boobs was first sign of this pregnancy but my first 2 I didn't have sore boobs the whole pregnancies so each one is different.

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  • mine didnt hurt right away either it took a few weeks before they started hurting like crazy

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  • LeviLuv8LeviLuv8 May 2011

    @mrs_shu @snowwhitej @ghettobetty thanks for your experiences! I'm really hoping this time it's all real! And my baby was sticky!

  • good luck sending you sticky baby dust....

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  • My boobs ALWAYS hurt before my period & they felt perfect before what was suppose to be my period 2 months ago, as a matter of fact that's what made me test! But now Tuesday ill be 10wks & oh gracious I sear looking at them wrong sets them off!

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  • hiannaaahiannaaa May 2011

    I never had sore boobs.

  • I had sore boobs.I had thought my period was about to come.but it didnt

  • redhead25redhead25 May 2011

    My books never hurt in my first pregnancy

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  • LeviLuv8LeviLuv8 May 2011

    @thehumancrockpot I should call a dr but I really wanted to wait it out because the last time I had 2 faint + & a + on a digital I went to the er and they told me it was af. However I feel this time it's real & I'm considering changing clinics because the lady I talked to after my er visit didn't even know what a chemical pregnancy was!!

    P.s. I love your crock pot name! Makes me think of sloppy joes, buffalo chicken dip, & bbq meatballs!

  • @BabyLuv8 I never heard of two false positives.

  • LeviLuv8LeviLuv8 May 2011

    @ohhowwonderful sounds like me! I just randomly tested on wednesday because I had no symptoms of af

  • LeviLuv8LeviLuv8 May 2011

    @excitedforbaby it was 3! I know everyone on here tells me it's impossible. But the er dr couldn't explain why but because my hcg were 2.36 thats why the conclusion was that I want prego!

  • @Babyluv8 are you on any bc that has some type of hormone?

  • I'm 11 wks almst 12.. mine recently started hurting!! ugh!!

    go to walmrt & pick up a clear blue easy pregnancy test.

    their digital!

    no faint lines to read...

    I took a cheapy $1 tst w the faint line & went and got a clear blue easy & yah, said pregnant.. :) if u are, it'll say so.. if not, then it will say "not pregnant" if u are take a pic, cuz the reading only last for a day-ish

  • LeviLuv8LeviLuv8 May 2011

    @excitedforbaby I've never been on any type of bc
    @girlsloveink I know a digital would sy pregnant because I took one last month & it was a chemical pregnancy probably. My husband & I had never had even a slight faint + until april 5th where we had 2 & used our digital! That pregnancy word was absolutely amazing! I was sad that it only lated 2 days & then that pregnant screen was blank! I thought it would last awhile!

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