Sickle cell trait

  • ZolaBeanZolaBean May 2011

    Aww Sad face..I just learned I have Sickle cell trait... now they will draw blood from BD to see if he has it too. We have high hopes since Sickle cell trait is more common in african americans than caucasian! I talked to my mom she said her mom told her she had sickle cell trait when she was a child but I do not think my mom was advised to tell her childern the trait will be passed on.

  • As long as its not the disease its ok,my daughter has it from her dad I almost cried until I learned about it,good luck

  • my bf's brother has sickle cell, living with it all his life, but hes not sure if it runs in the family(hes african american) so were a little concerned about it being hereditary.

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  • ZolaBeanZolaBean May 2011

    @rihannamom11 I know! I am totally cool with having the trait I think it just hit me because I had no idea...I mean I hear about it all the time but didn't know I carried it. @btrflyqt85 the sickle cell trait is hereditary my grandmother passed it to my mom and my mom to me. If both parents have the trait the baby has a good chance to have the disease but we are confident he doesn't have it! hopefully my technicolor baby will just get the trait or nothing at all!

  • @kshoeirlan what is sickle cell disease

  • yeah im sure it will b fine...just worries me too. everyone wants a healthy happy baby!

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  • My bd had the trait and I told the doctor so they tested me but I didn't have it and as long as your bd didn't have it the baby should be ok... But I learned something about it in my microbiology class that if u have the trait you are immune to the disease malaria but not that you will be in the mother land (africa)lol

  • My son who is 6 has the trait he is a normal active child his dr says he"ll grow up just like any other kid my only concern is that when he has kids of his own and.say the mother of his children has the trait to do they give the dieases

  • jeweljewel May 2011

    Me and my brothers all have the sickle cell trait (hemoglobin AS) from my father who has the disease we have all been warned we will pass it on to our kids and theres 1 out of 4 chance that if we have a baby with someone who always has the trait our kids could have sickle cell. Also some caucasians can have it which is why were testing our baby right away because my guy is italian. Dont worry its not a bad thing I think its good to know so you can tell your kids when they get older

  • ZolaBeanZolaBean May 2011

    @nikki2690 People with sickle cell trait have two kinds of hemoglobin in their red blood cells. One kind is the normal adult hemoglobin called hemoglobin A. The other kind is sickle hemoglobin called hemoglobin S. People who have sickle cell disease have red blood cells that become sickle-shaped when they give up oxygen to the tissues. These cells become trapped in various organs or blood vessels causing pain, discomfort, and organ damage. Babies with sickle cell disease need treatment with penicillin twice a day to reduce the risk of infections.

    @btrflyqt85 High hopes!! My BDs mom said she is 99% sure they do not carry the trait!

    @newmomma13 oh snap that is awsome..I might have to visit africa now that was one reason I would not go! lol so happy to hear things worked out for you!

    @mamaoftwo0511 I can definetly see that seeing how I've had the trait my whole 23 years of life and had no issues!! but I will be sure to inform my child if they have the trait so they know!

  • ZolaBeanZolaBean May 2011

    @jewel great advice!! My mom feels so bad that she didn't tell me!

  • @kshoeirlan Thanks you!!

  • jalemjalem May 2011

    Hoe do I know if my fiance has the trait or not??

  • YAYAYAYA May 2011

    Yeah the trait is fine. Its the disease you have to worry about. My man has sickle cell anemia he's a carrier but I don't have the trait and am not a carrier so baby wont have the disease but possibility he could have the trait. Which is no affect.

  • ZolaBeanZolaBean May 2011

    @jalem as far as I know only blood work can tell you. @YAYA that is great news!

  • mrsSilvermrsSilver May 2011

    I've always known I carried the sickle cell trait my mother told me when I was in middle school. My grandmother has the disease and both my father and I carry the trait and now that I'm pregnant the doctors want my husband to get tested the problem is he won't do it. He says he doesn't have it no one in hid immediate family has it and if he did have he would know by now. I guess that's true but I just wish he would get tested to br sure. He's so stubborn!"

  • YAYAYAYA May 2011

    @kshoeirlan yeah it is I'm very happy about that. I see what myman goes through and wouldn't want my baby to have to go through it.

  • I'm having a mixed child (blk & wht) & my fiances dad actually passed away due to it, my fiance carries it, but since our child has wht in it, its fine the dr said...

  • ZolaBeanZolaBean May 2011

    @GirlsLoveInk Im having a mixed baby too! I have high hope thats my BD doesnt have the trait! @mrsSilver I can't believe he won't do it!! Lol I must be one evil bitch because if my BD said no all hell would have broke loose!

  • ash1laash1la May 2011

    I have the sickle trait, I have known since a very early age. My siblings dont't have the trait, My two kids do not have the trait either....hopefully the third won't either.

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  • ZolaBeanZolaBean May 2011

    @ash1la That is so awesome to know! I hope I do not pass the trait to my lil one :-)

  • yea I agree it is not that bad if only one parent has it but most whites do not carry the trait so u should be good and just advise her when she is older about it too so when she gets married she will know to test before she ever has kids. Ur baby will b fine don't worry

  • @kshoeirlan I commented back on wut u said on my wall :) I nvr knw I have cmmnts unless I go chk, didn't want u thinkin I wuz ignoring u. :)

  • ZolaBeanZolaBean May 2011

    @GirlsLoveInk got it! and I commented back!

  • @kshoeirlan wrote bk too.. ill jus chk later on so we dnt have to blow up ur topic of "hey, gotcha! - gotcha too!" Lol

  • oc86oc86 May 2011

    I have the trait too. Baby daddy still has to get checked.

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