Pack N Play Vs. Crib *Advice??*

  • Im torn between two, can anyone give me advice on what would be best to use. Im leaning more towards pack and play but then Again I want a crib, because you can use it longer .. Advice??

  • @ourlilmiracle my first two pack and plays were recalled for the sides collapsing. And they were name brand. So I will be going with a crib strictly I hope we have better luck with it

  • PEsMommYPEsMommY June 2011

    I'm using both because my family has a lot of get togethers n a pack n play is so nice to just take n go

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  • vtmamajujuvtmamajuju June 2011

    I was under the assumption most people had both and pack n plays were for travelling or when you need a place to put the baby to play. If you used a pack n play in place of a crib full time I could see you getting a REALLY sore back from bending that far down all the time. Are you talking about a bassinet maybe?

  • bigmamakbigmamak June 2011

    I am pregnant with my 4th and like with all my other babies I will be using the pack and play bassinet for the first few months then changing over to the crib. This is what works best for my family :)

  • abby5abby5 June 2011

    I have used both and the pack and play is the way to's all you need...the crib I used with my first and my 2nd 3nd and now soon to be 4th were in pack n plays...My 2 yr old still is in his he loves it.

  • Im only using a pack n play i had a crib with my daughter and it was a waste so many recalls and they can climb out of them at 9 months. I ended up switching to the packn play as soon as she learned to climb out. I don't know about others but i wouldn't buy another crib

  • Faulkner27Faulkner27 June 2011

    Personally I think that having both are a plus. With my other two kids they slept in the crib at home. The pack n play though came in great for when we went out of town and even to friends our friends houses. It was just nice knowing we would have a place for the to stretch out or rest if they didn't have a place for them.

  • magcawmagcaw June 2011

    I have always had both. My sons had cribs in their rooms where they slept at night and a pack n play (with bassinet for when they were infants) for naps downstairs and for sleepovers at grandparents houses.

  • We used a crib with our first until she climbed one, then we turned to a pack and play. I will only be using a pack n play with bassinet for this one.

  • Both!! You use the pack n play with bassinet for the first couple months, then switch to crib.

  • Never used a crib i used the 3in1 pack and play with my son and it was Great for us! I am definetly using it agiain with my daughter when she arrives :) it last longer than a crib and in my opinion safer bc they cant climb out and hit the floor vs a crib..i have seen alot of kids climb out of cribs,thats just scary.

  • I'm using the pack n play from birth to xmas.. then my mom will get her crib.

    She'd get it before she's born, but for me I think it'll be easier as stated above.

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  • ViviyaViviya June 2011

    I'm using a pack n play too. I would like to switch to a crib later on, but for the time being our place just isn't big enough for two cribs, and my son isn't old enough to graduate to a toddler bed yet.

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  • I'm not sure why people keep saying pack n plays last longer than a crib and babies can climb out of cribs before pack n plays?! I don't know what kind of cribs and pack n plays y'all are buying but I've never heard of such a thing. Pack n plays are much shorter, my daughter barely fits in one and I'm pretty sure if a kid can climb out of a crib then they can climb out of a pack n play as well. Cribs are more supportive... a pack n play mat is pretty much just cardboard.

  • Im also confused about the pack n play vs crib. Pack n plays don't have the support children need long term. You def should not be putting comforters or anything in the pack n play to make it more comfortable either. The cribs usually have settings so you can lower them. If your 9 mo old can climb out you prob have it at the highest height setting. Mine has 5 different heights for the mattress. I don't even use a pack n play cause they get recalled to often. Im just really surprised theres any competition. Shouldn't this be between bassinets and cribs for the first few months?

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  • I bought a travel size pack n play for my daughter & the instructions say that it should not be used long term as a crib replacement because of the stiffness of the mat. I'm buying an a bassinet mat to put in it so it's not so thin & stiff but she will primarily sleep in her crib. My other 2 never tried to climb out of their cribs but they were able to climb outta the play pens. You ladies took the words right outta my mouth!

  • I also was stuck between a crib & a bassinet & figured that the crib last longer so why not get that instead of having to buy the bassinet and then later also have to spend money on something else...

  • When my nephew climbed out of his crib and opened his bedroom door and walked past us like we weren't there. My sister made it into a toddler bed the very next day. Yea it takes a little training, but they get used to the rules.

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  • mami2bemami2be June 2011

    my baby won't be allowed to sleep in her crib until she's 5 months so pack n play it is for the first 5months. I don't want my baby in her own room alone when she comes home. She will be next to my bed in her pack n play.

  • mami2bemami2be June 2011

    I think pack n play 3 n 1 is the best route for the first few months...Then a crib.

  • I have a co sleeper for the first few months and then I will be switching her to a crib. I've read too many things saying pack n plays are horrible for baby's back. Also most pack n plays bassinents have a 15lb weight limit so you can't use it for long. I got a convertible crib that will last us for years.

  • ash1laash1la June 2011

    I use pack and play when the baby is an infant, I keep it in the room so the baby can sleep in our room. When they get older and are closer to to sleeping through the night we move them to the crib.

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  • I guess Im lucky, but my girls never climbed out of their cribs. They both stayed in them til they were almost 3. My one daughter cried when I got rid of it, and told me she was mad at me. I used a bassinet for about 3 mos then to their own room and their crib. They are still great sleepers.

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  • Thank you ladies.. I am going for a crib, I wanted the pack and play with basinet but they don't seem to have much support for the baby and I think the crib will be a better investment especially since you can turn it into a toddler bed .. thank you ladies

  • This is my first baby so I'm not experienced but I have both and I would think a crib is better for support and long term. My crib has four mattress settings for her as she grows. Most cribs are changeable now days like mine goes to a toddler bed then to full size. My mom got us the pack n play for sleep overs at her house and travel. They are also good to have a place to put the baby while doing other things such as laundry or cooking. Mine is Graco and has a pad for changing and place for storage such diapers etc

  • We use a pack n play with basinet for the first few weeks then switch to crib. And use pack n play for traveling. My son is 2 and still sleeps in his crib and has never climbed out.

  • I went nuts bc I saved so much money by getting a bassinet used, borrowing the pack n play my mom bought for my neice, and my parents bought us a crib. We have the bassinet in our room, the crib in the nursery, and the pack n play for downstairs. We're pretty lucky.

  • My son never slept in a crib, bassinet, or pack and play. I had all three but he could never sleep much in them. He slept with me

  • tinkergaltinkergal June 2011

    Im planning on having her sleep in the pack n play bassinet next to my bed, then after I breastfeed for about 3 months she'll go to her room in a crib.

  • headersueheadersue June 2011

    I am using both. Actually I am going to have a pack and play in my living room, a crib in his room and a bassinet/co-sleeper in my room.

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  • bettybetty June 2011

    @mamitobe.... Im doing exactly what u are!

    @ all mommies.... They sell the extra padded mattress for the pack & play.. for less than $20.00.
    Im just terrified sleeping my bby in her crib in her room(SID) crib doesnt fit in my rm, so pack & play it is. Mine has a newborn napper, changn table, wipes & diaper storage, musical mobile... Love it!

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