petite mommies!

  • babyhammbabyhamm June 2011

    Yay a place for us!

  • w00t lol!

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  • I know right lol I'm 411

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  • Lol I didn't know this category was there.

  • I'm barely 4'11 LOL. I'm 4'10 and 3/4's.

  • 4'11" (:

  • Jaime77Jaime77 June 2011

    Is it considered petite still if i wiegh 148 10 days from delivery! Ugh.. I put on nearly 30lbs. I'm 5ft 1/2

  • lily_glzlily_glz June 2011

    4'11" and a half right here! But I round up and say I'm 5ft lol

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  • briAnewmombriAnewmom June 2011

    Im 5 foot one lol

  • 4'11 here!!!

  • luvbumpluvbump June 2011

    4'11 here

  • 5'1!!!! :)

  • CynthiaYCynthiaY June 2011

    5' 2" am I the tallest petite lady? It's hard to be short & preggers...not much room for the baby

  • babyhammbabyhamm June 2011

    I'm 5' 1/4" start weight was 82lbs I'm now 18 weeks and 93lbs. Grandmother was 4'11" 96lbs after 2 kids! I hope I keep on about 5lbs after this pregnancy!

  • purple89purple89 June 2011

    Im 4' 10 98 lbs. Im ttc. I need some baby weight lol

  • kdanielskdaniels June 2011

    4'11" and was 96 lbs before pregnancy now I'm 21 weeks and 112 lbs my aunt is tinier than me she's had 7 kids and still skinny and tiny and she had awesome pregnancies and my aunt on my dads side had three good pregnancies and she's still little. She's 5'2" I hope everything goes well ppl keep asking me if ill b able to push out my baby vaginally. I sure hope so man

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  • 4'11 123 lbs before pregnancy 23 weeks now 135 hopefully it's just baby lol!

  • Tita2k5Tita2k5 June 2011

    5'2" and was 110 before pregnant now I'm at 140....and I'm 40 weeks! I want baby now!

  • 5'1''! And weighting 105 pounds before preggo. Lol.

  • 5'2.5" lol I was 115 pre prego dd boobs so yeah lookin like porn star and now I'm round like humpty dumpty lol

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  • amylynnamylynn June 2011

    I'm 5'2 weighting 105 before prego now only 113

  • amylynnamylynn June 2011

    *At 5 months

  • Im 5' pre preggo weight 105.. I was142lb at 40wks preggo .i just had my baby 5weeks ago n im 120lbs now

  • marabelmarabel June 2011

    I'm 5'2 and I use to weigh 100 now I weigh 116 I need to take it slow:l

  • librababiilibrababii June 2011

    im 5'1...started at 103lbs...currently 118lbs at 24+5 days :D

  • katiepavkatiepav June 2011

    Perfect timing finding you gals!! We are looking for a crib and I'm wondering if a standard crib will work for me (I'm 5'2")... Do they make short cribs? Where can I get one? This is my first, and now that drop side cribs are unsafe, I'm looking for solutions :) Thanks in advance for your help!!

  • I'm gaining so much for my second u ladies r so lucky lol

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  • I found a standard n its shorter now they changed to all non drop side

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  • Hey Ladies!! I'm just discovering this. 5'1 used to be 109lbs now 123lbs. I just posted about my dillema with the bulky tarvel systems. What are you guys using?

  • 5ft 1 and a half and 110 lbs....and I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant lol. Anyone els get tired of people asking "is your baby okay?!" Because you're so tiny?

  • lilbun915lilbun915 June 2011

    5'2" 115 more like "wait how far along are you? You're hardly showing!"

  • mumsie26mumsie26 June 2011

    What was your pre pregnancy weight @BentleysMommy

  • @lilbun915 lol yeah I get that on a daily basis too. But when they ask if he's okay, I'm like yeah...he's juust tiny, I mean look at me? Lol and then they look all concerned like I don't know what I'm talking about. Smh.

  • mumsie26mumsie26 June 2011

    Ppl always tell me I'm so small to especially when I tell them how far along I am, it bothered me at first but now I try not to let it because I'm tiny as well! As long as your doc says your healthy then EFF alll those other ppl;)

  • @mumsie26 lol I know. I'm just like ok thanks. My doctor would've told me if something was wrong haha. The pregnancy know-it-alls, so glad it's almost over ;)

  • myHEARTZx3myHEARTZx3 June 2011

    i don't know if i'm petite because i'm 5'4" lol i started out at 108 and am already 116-117 and 13 weeks :( i've always gained weight so fast with my pregnancies. when i was 16 and preg with my first i was 97lbs ended up 137 at 40 weeks.

  • @bentleysmommy Hell yes! 2 mos ago even my doctor was saying I wasn't gaining enough weight. She had me on Ensure and everything. At my last appt. I had gained 10lbs in 4wks. Now she's like slow down you still have 3 more mos. I'm still pretty small though.

    How are you guys doing with maternity clothes? I haven't bought any. Just flowy shirts, leggings, and sundresses a size or two bigger. I am looking to buy at least one pair of comfy jeans for random chilly days. Problem is they don't make maternity clothes in junior sizes:-(

  • myHEARTZx3myHEARTZx3 June 2011

    @mommys1stbundle i just buy a bunch of maxi dresses n clothes from forever 21. i'm on baby #3 and have never bought "maternity clothes" they don't look too good.. lol

  • @cee808 Me too! I got all my leggings ($4.99 a pop) and sun dresses from there. I tried to get maternity jeans from Old Navy but they didn't work out. The belly band didn't look good either. I'm going to try some super lowrise jeans and see how they work out.

  • myHEARTZx3myHEARTZx3 June 2011

    @mommys1stbundle yes i think gap has super low rise that i used to wear... i haven't bought any new jeans yet. i need to real soon. i've been using a belly band but its so hot i don't even wanna wear jeans. i been just leaving my button undone with all my jeans shorts lol

  • oc86oc86 June 2011

    Where'd this come from? LOL cool tho! I'm 5'2" & 91 lbs pre-pregnancy. I'm 24 wks now & 109 lbs. :-)

  • SharkMommySharkMommy June 2011

    5'1" pre-pregnancy weight 101lbs.. Currently weight 119lbs at 30weeks.. just updated a picture of my belly a couple of days ago..

  • 5'1" pre-baby 114lbs last check was 132lbs I love gaining weight, & idk where out is I think its all boobs & baby I'm tiny!!

  • @mommys1stbundle omg they had me on ensure too! That stuff was not good. And I'm the same way. I haven't gotten any maternity clothes. Just dresses, jeggings, shorts, t shirts, and flowy shirts. That's my wardrobe lol.

  • Lacy809Lacy809 June 2011

    I'm not currently preggo but I'm 5ft and weigh 90lbs I was 120 full term with my daughter but what irritated me when I was pregnant everyone always said omg your too tiny for a vaginal delivery you will have to have a csection... guess what Ihad a 4 hour labour and delivered a 6lb 2oz baby vaginally

  • 5'5 117 pre-pregnancy now i weigh 131 at 27w0d.. was losing more than i was gaining up until 22 weeks. had to drink ensure and eat more .. but before i was preg i hate like i weighed a million lbs but never really gained anything .. @BentleysMommy YES i swear everybody tells me im soo small for where i am.. and i just tell them idc i dnt have any stretch marks, swelling, or extra fat im all baby

  • PalomitaPalomita June 2011

    woot petites! Im 4'11 and having a scheduled c section monday :) not sure if I'll shrink down to pre pregnancy weight quickly. Was a svelt 91 pounds before and now am a monstrous 121!!

  • babyhammbabyhamm June 2011

    I want to do a natural vaginal birth, haven't talked with my doctor about it yet but hopefully she's positive about it! All the women in my family have done vaginal my mom had me natural. I hope its a quick n easy labor! I'm due 11/11/11. We find out Tuesday june 28th if its a boy or girl!

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