leaky boobs

  • chelsey9903chelsey9903 February 2011

    I'm 34 weeks with my 2nd. Cervix is softening but no dialation. My boobs are almost pouring! Anyone else?

  • julies_2julies_2 February 2011

    Me...I can have a bowl of cereal wit how much milk is comin outta my boobs..lol

  • dakotasmadakotasma February 2011

    Me too.. I'm only 31 weeks but I leak all the time.

  • allie8955allie8955 February 2011

    safe that first milk!! freeze it or something!! its the most healthiest for the baby...i saved some from my first and every time he gets sick I give it to him and he gets much much better faster! :)

    Aaron has arrived on August 12, 2011 at 9:37am measuring 8.9Lbs and 22in
  • chelsey9903chelsey9903 February 2011

    I would but I can't seem to catch it. It always happens when I'm sleeping.

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