How many are Expecting Twins!? :)

  • Name, Due Date, Expecting, Names, How many weeks are you?

    Sara, Due date 9/9/11 but wont go any further than 8/26/11 :) Im expecting Fraternal boys. Jayden Emmanuel & Damien Reynaldo. And im 29weeks today :)

  • jazzjazz June 2011

    Jazzie sept.15. 2011 and having faternal twins girl and boy. I am currently 28 weeks

  • Elli-Anne, Oct.28th & having identical boys. I'm 22 weeks 1 day. I probably won't go past Oct.14th. I'm barely 4'11 so I'm not even sure if I'll make it to 36 weeks. Lol.

  • :) Lucky ladies! Been ttc for almost 2 years & hubby & I are praying everyday to b blessed w/ twins (prayin for girls or girl & boy) Good luck to all of you ladies & congrats!!!!! @Babyluv11 @gemini_babies @jazz @2PeasInAPod_89

  • @Prayin_4_twins thank you :) When you least expect it, it'll happen. I've been following you and im sorry to hear about all your struggles, God will let you know when its time just dont give up faith :)

    @Babyluv11 why within a month? Wouldnt it be wayy too soon?

    @gemini_babies awe girl you will make it, you'd be suprised at what our bodies are capable of :)

    @jazz lucky lucky lucky I wanted boy/girl and got two boys lol. I love them but I will just have to try for a girl next rm

  • Time*

  • I just had twins last Wed. Identical girls, carried them 37 wks exactly. My name is Taylor.
    Zoe Leigh 4 lbs 14 oz, 18 in 6/15/11 12:54am
    Olivia Rose 5 lbs 15oz 18 in 6/15/11 1:00am
    They would have been born closer in time but I didn't feel like pushing for a min... :)
    They came right home w us. They are such amazing little ladies! We are all madly in love w them.

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  • Congrats and thanks ladies. It's always encouraging and inspiring to read about each and everyone' s story.:)

  • decbaby_87decbaby_87 June 2011

    Victoria, due Dec 4th, Im 1day shy of 17wks and found out yesterday im having identical girls :-D

  • firstbebefirstbebe June 2011

    Zuri, having twin boys, due Nov 4, I'm 21 weeks and so.excited for Isaiah and Elisah to come out!! No middle names yet lol

  • Hi I'm Angie expecting Ft. girls 8/14/2011 and I'm 33w 4d and keeping there names a secret cuz ppl are already trying to steal them.. lol

  • I am Marissa expecting indentical boys we are naming them Xavier and Xander...middle names still to come due on 11/25/11and I'm 19 weeks today

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  • HisWife2BeHisWife2Be July 2011

    Aisha 11-29-11 fraternal twins boy and girl. Currently 18wks

  • Congrats @Mommyof4girls (: Im now 30 weeks 1 day, and getting SOO anxious! Any tips &or advice let us ladies know!(:

    @Babyluv11 how are you holding up? I hope you can keep those babies in for a while longer! Keep the faith!

    @HisWife2Be, @TwinMamaToBe, @Twingirls34 & @firstbebe Congratulations!(:

  • Sorry and @decbaby_87 congrats!!!

  • Bridgette due Oct 28, 24 wks. Having a boy and a girl!

  • Wahoo congrats @firstbaby25 :)

    P.S. Are you ladies on any other forums?

  • I'm Maria. Due 11/25 with a boy & a girl. Hoping to make it until full term

  • hope2009hope2009 July 2011

    Hi there kelly-ann expecting identical boys due the date our baby angel went to heaven born @ 24wks 11/6 .. on bedrest with incompetent cervix, cerclage n progesterone. Can't wait to meet these litte men, very anxious tho never want to bury a baby again ever. Names we think are boston robert and ryda Alexander. See my ob fortnightly who is an amazing professor I drive 7 hrs to see him. Completely nervous, and already inlove with the footy players in my tum x

  • 1stTimer1stTimer July 2011

    I am having a boy and a girl. Due November 1. I am 25 weeks and they are active.

  • limon79limon79 July 2011

    Boys I'm 24wks due 11/25 no names as of yet lol they said they won't know if faternal or identical till birth how does everyone else already know ;)

  • Fraternal Twins Boy/Girl James and Jasmine :) Edd 9/30 but expecting too go around the 3rd or 4th

  • TwinMamaToBeTwinMamaToBe August 2011

    @baltimoremomtobe and @limon79 we are all having twins due the same day

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  • Gen86Gen86 August 2011

    27 weeks. Due nov. 3rd. Fraternal boys, Andrew and Nicolas. Always looking for other twin moms to ask advice or compare! This pregnancy has been so much different than my other two singles. Lots of scares and bedrest. But the boys are good ;;)

  • firstbebefirstbebe August 2011

    Im 27 wks also due with twin boys supposebly on Nov 4 but gosh i hear twins always come out early.. so maybe well have oct babies!! Either way cant wait to see them both!!

  • Tasha due Feb 20, Idk what I'm having I'll be 12 wks tomorrow hoping for at least 1 boy

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  • I'm Sarah 28 weeks due January 3 having identical twin boys,I'm anxious I gained 11lbs in last 20 days n doc say I'm measure 40cm fundal height holy crap!!doc wasn't concerned but me...very scary

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