Dadchelor Parties?!

  • librababiilibrababii June 2011

    New Trend: 'Dad-chelor' Parties for Expecting Dads"
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    **Never heard if this!! I don't think I would mind if my bd wanted one last fun night out...

  • I wouldn't mind this either my bd deserves a party just for putting up with me over the last few months!

  • I wouldnt mind except the lap dance! I think it would be great, men discussing fatherhood & life changing! Except the dancers! Lol

  • Jess_JudeJess_Jude June 2011

    I wouldn't mind at all either! He does a lot and deserves a break! I say guys should go for it! I bet its stressful for him and hw needs a night all to himself with friends having fun! I know I would if I could! Just no strippers or hookers or naked guys jumping on people lol nothing like the hangover! No matter how funny it might be! Lol

  • librababiilibrababii June 2011

    haha! thats what i was gonna say! just as long as its not like the hangover!! lol...

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