• Nenamel29Nenamel29 February 2011


  • mommy2be2011mommy2be2011 February 2011

    Wow, i was on it but it took me almost 2 years to get pregnant! Congrats(:

  • trying4firsttrying4first February 2011

    I got pregnant while on the shot too. I was 16 and miscarried. i got off the shot and started taking the pill after that and now that i stopped taking that it seems like it is taking FOREVER to get pregnant

  • kayleigh27kayleigh27 February 2011

    My friend got pregnant on the shot. She was about two months when she found out

  • casnlesliecasnleslie February 2011

    I did and had no idea and it was during my "careless" phase. Needless to say it didn't stay. Were you in the 3rd month? Just curious.

  • clope18clope18 February 2011

    I was on it for 4 years. My last shot was last Nov.18,2010. I started feeling sick(flu-like) mid-January, so I went to the doctor & they said I was pregnant. I'm 11.5 weeks now :)

  • %5BDeleted+User%5D[Deleted User] February 2011

    I did! But m/c at 13 weeks :(

  • HUPE23_1HUPE23_1 March 2011

    I did & i was 8w when i m/c

  • My coworker got preggo on depo. Of course she was into her 2nd trimester before she found out. Kinda wish I could skip my first trimester lol

  • I got off it because it made me so sick I threw up every morning and 2months later I got pregnant and that shot made me more sick then my whole pregnancy I'm 28 weeks

  • I did. I got my first shot march 4th 2009, found out I was pregnant may 5th 2009. In my eyes I was a lucky one because the shot has been linked to PCOS and infertility in women under 25. I had 4 family members that are not able to get pregnant after getting off the shot....I would never reccomend it, nor would I ever regret my beautiful 13 month old daughter!! :) and im now 26 weeks pregnant with baby girl #2, after an unexpected pregnancy/missed miscarriage in may 2010.

  • *have 4 family members not had* that currently are unable to get pregnant due to being on the shot for a prolonged period.

  • bummy87bummy87 March 2011

    thats really bad n drs actually reccomended this 2yo me aftet baby 1 and 2 so glad I said no, the idea that once its in thats it was.2 much for me to handle

  • ChelsChels March 2011

    Yay im lucky then because i was on the depo for like 2 or 3 years and it made me gain like 50-60 pounds so i stopped it this past oct. because it said it could take up to 9 months for me to get pregnant i wasnt really worried but i ended up getting pregnant in december and me and my husband couldnt be more happy, oh and im 20 years old and im 12w 5d ;)

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  • kailiasmommakailiasmomma March 2011

    I got pregnant on the depo at age 15 and ended up miscarrying my son at 15 weeks most devastating thing in my life.

  • wow, you guys are lucky....i stopped taking depo valentines day 09 and didn't get pregnant until july 10

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  • Nenamel29Nenamel29 March 2011

    @casnleslie. Yep I was in mt third month

  • casnlesliecasnleslie March 2011

    I think it should be researched. I hear more often that people conceive in month 3 of the shot. Maybe they should get another after 2 rather than 3.

  • CristinaLynnCristinaLynn March 2011

    I conceived while on the depo shot and m/c at only 5 weeks into the pregnancy.

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  • bkunekibkuneki March 2011

    I had depo shot and got pregnant.. im now 35 weeks... im 16 and docs said I was pregnant before the shot but they did a test a week before and right before I had it...

  • sramos26sramos26 March 2011

    I got pregnant on depo back in 2002. Fortunately, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 9 months later and have since then moved on to become a mother to 3 more children with our last one on the way....

  • Kateee10Kateee10 March 2011

    I did -___- lol.

  • I did and miscarried@ 7wks

  • veeveeveevee March 2011

    My cousin was on the shot for atleast two years, she missed a few shots (2) due to her mothers death.... and found she was pregnant in her 3rd month.

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  • mummytuubemummytuube August 2011

    My sis fell pregs on three diff b/c lol only one of her kids wad planned

  • I got pregnant with my lil boy (current pregnancy) and my 2 girls on depo its a bunch of crap! worst bc ever if u ask me!!!!!!!!!

  • i_believei_believe August 2011

    It took me 1 1/2 to get pregnant v with my now 3yr old. I was on it for 4yrs I had to take bc to get a regulated af again. Then I got on impaleon the implant, I had it for 3yrs and took it out in jan 11 and cant get pregnant again and I have to take bc pills again to regulate my af again.

    *mommy of 2*
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  • btrflyqt85btrflyqt85 August 2011

    a former co worker of mine did and she only knew when she went to the hospital in labor and didnt even know. baby was born at 4 months and hes still with us. she only went to the hospital cuz she was bleeding a lot and was in tremendous pain.

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  • @blessedmom_2x I started to crave wierd foods and started puking at the smell of coffee bacon and toothpaste all 3 times so after the 1st time I got preggo on it even tho the 2nd time was 5 yrs later it was like deja vu for me so I knew to test

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  • maribelgmaribelg August 2011

    My sister in law got pregnant while on it, but misscarried 2 days after finding out she was pregnant.

  • I had a friend years ago.... Her first child... The condom broke, the 2nd she was on the pill and the last one she was on deppo. Her body was not a fan lol. Congrats to you though.

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  • agoodloeagoodloe August 2011

    I was on the depo for 5 years then got off of it and conceived my first child two years later and since then I am now pregnant with my third all babies are healthy I never had problems with the shots I would def use it again

  • FateFate August 2011

    Wow!!! I only took one shot and I didn't get pregnant for almost two years! Congrats though!!!!

  • WantingagirlWantingagirl August 2011

    I was on the shot for 3 yrs and it took me 4 yrs to get pregnant we thought we're never having kids. Then we had hanna tired another 3 yrs and were finally pregnant........ But with twins:) I'm 30 wks on wed

  • mommyof3tobemommyof3tobe August 2011

    Well point well taken, I've never considered the shot and now it is TOTALLY out of the question! Lol not only can u get pregnant easy on this bc, but according to ur comments it also seems to have a tendency to have u miscarry after getting pregnant on it. Smh I think my cousin got one or two of her babies from being on shot. [-X

  • Honestly I had the feeling I was pregnant. I had no spotting but I had tons of cramping like I was going to get my period and it just never happened. I never skipped my period and when I was 3 days late I tested, I just knew that stick would say pregnant and it did!

  • I did but had a miscarriage :(

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