Thing I've Noticed About My Unborn Baby

  • potatopotato July 2011

    - He doesn't like thing putting pressure on my belly. He will kick whatever it is until I move it. Naughty baby, mommy needs to keep her pants up.
    - If I don't go to the bathroom right away, he will kick my bladder until I go to the bathroom. If I have to poo, he will kick me everywhere he can reach until I go poo.
    - He loves music and mommy singing.
    - He kicks really hard for a 22 week fetus.
    - He sleeps on his left side just like I do <3.<br />
    What about your baby?

  • She don't like selena gomez.

    She likes to play "let's not kick daddy only kick mommy when daddy takes his hand off"

    She is constantly sleeping, yawning, and stretching on every ultrasound

    She is very lazy like mommy&daddy :)

    She punches me in my bladder mostly all day except when I have to pee ( she don't want me to pee my pants :D )

    She goes to sleep every 3-4 hours & falls asleep very very fast when daddy rubs my tummy

    She will kick the dopler away everytime the doctor puts it on me then swim away so her heartbeat is hard to find (her no likes doctors lol)

    &* there is so much more just can't think right now btw I'm 24*1

  • She kicks the crap outta my bladder when it is full. Then when its empty its her trampoline.
    She wiggles when my hubby blows raspberries on my belly.
    She wiggles when the puppies lay next to my belly.
    She kicks me if I lay on my belly.
    Every new thing that happens is just amazing to me. I can't wait to meet this lil wiggle worm :) I am 25wks 3days :)

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  • Jaime77Jaime77 July 2011

    When your belly is big enuff to rest a bowl of cold cereal on it, watch the reaction from your baby! Only way I can catch him on video acting like a spazzy goofball.

  • potatopotato July 2011

    @MommyLovesSparkle lol, my lil' guy would do that too. So, because he hates pressure on him, I had my hubby hold his hand there until he felt a kick. Worked like a charm!

    @Jaime77 but then I'd have cereal all over the place and a baby smiling at me. He played hide his face at our last ultrasound, then finally put his arms down and smirked at us. He's going to be trouble, lol.

  • myy bby plays the kick when daddy is away game...
    she covers her face on 3d ultrasounds...
    she is very active when other kids are around or when I hold babies..
    she loves music
    she knws her MEME'S voice
    she sucks her thumb
    she knws when its time to eat lol
    I will be 30 wks tomorrow

  • kay_la_lakay_la_la July 2011

    awwh my lil one always moves around when me and my bf are cuddling or she kicks when we hug. I think she can sense that it makes me so happy:)
    And shes def a fatty. lol When i eat certain foods her little fists start going crazy by my crotch lmao

  • @potato Awwww :) im happy your hubby felt it ! My hubby can leave his hand there for 30 mins at a time and she won't move at all lol I can't wait for the day he feels her kick or punch :)

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  • @lmelanson Awwwwwww! So cute!

    I'm still getting to know Blueberry and he just recently started to wiggle around. I do know that he likes watermelon and grape juice cuz those make him move and I have a sense that he's going to be cooler than most babies. Sort of a little hipster but I'm not absolutely sure yet. I'm really excited to meet him! :X

  • ProudmumProudmum July 2011

    @potato My lil guy does those same things! Plus if i tell somebody hes moving he will completely stop. I think he's gonna b shy! LoL. He also likes to kick daddy in the face and he dances to anything with a beat.

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  • @lmelanson ooooh! That sounds yummy. I want some. I mean, Blueberry wants some! :ar!

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  • my princess only kicks for her daddy and older sis
    shes a night owl
    she loves whn i drink ice water she moves with out kicking the hell out of mommy
    and she loves the dark because whn i walk into a bright room or to close to the tv she will kick me right in my rib .

    my <3 Na-Kayla & Ny'lah
  • she LOVES crystal light.
    when i want her to move she doesn't, but when i am in the car, or putting the kids to sleep she will kick like a mad girl
    she loves to kick my son when he falls asleep on my stomach. (awww, they're already fighting. lol)
    just when i think i am feeling like im having a great day she does something to disturb that
    when im in a situation i cant get up and run to potty is when she enjoys jumping on my bladder the most

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