Can you feel both babies????

  • firstbebefirstbebe July 2011

    How can you tell if both are moving and kicking?? Can you tell which one did what while still n the tummy?? I feel them move but not sure if its both!!! I'm worried!!! =\

  • Janet_2011Janet_2011 July 2011

    My moms friend was pregnant with twins, and if they both moved at the same time, you were able to see two bumps

  • firstbebefirstbebe July 2011

    Ohhh... I can't see the bumps outside yet... I just feel there little kicks inside... I'm only 22 weeks so I don't think there kicks r strong enough to make bumps..=<

  • HisWife2BeHisWife2Be July 2011

    I see bumps at 20weeks but ive noticed a few weeks ago. I definitely feel my lil girl and can feel baby boy sometimes. I believe the placenta for him is in front of my stomach so it can make it hard to feel. Her placenta is in the back.

  • For me they dont kick/punch at the same time and if they do I can tell because of where they hit... But, since mine are both head down ive got 4 feet up, I can not tell, lol.

  • P.s im 31weeks too

  • hope2009hope2009 July 2011

    I def feel them both t1 always wakes t2 they wake almost every 3 hrs I'm learning their sleep patterns, which is a little scary. I think ill be feeding for most the day once here, but I can't wait. Inlove already. Kicks r very strong from both.

  • Spray85Spray85 August 2011

    Oh yeah I can tell the difference. The twin on the left is more active than the one on the right...and sometimes I think they may be playing in there cuz a kick or jab from one makes the other do the same :) I'm 34 wks

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