Question about pressure & pain...update

  • *update* Cervix is measuring short at 16 weeks, but the doc would rather recheck in 2 weeks than be proactive. I spent a majority of Sunday feeling pressure, increased discharge, a feeling like I have to poo (tmi) but I don't have to, and painful cramps in my lower abdomen shooting down my pelvic walls. 2.5cm-3cm is not freaking normal and I know I shouldn't been feeling this pressure (since 8 weeks). Grrr....any advice ladies?

    I'm currently 13+4. I've been feeling pressure on my cervix with some shooting pain since about 8 weeks, but over the last 2 days, it has been much more noticeable along with a change in vaginal discharge (pardon the tmi). It seems thicker and goo like. I plan to call my doc tomorrow as I have been asking them to check the length of my cervix already, but I was wondering if anyone else experienced this and what the outcome was. I do have an appt at 16 weeks to check my cervix, but I would feel better if they checked now as I have had a few procedures on my cervix and I don't remember pressure this early on when I was pregnant with my son (before the cervical procedures). Thanks ladies!

  • I have a lot of pressure and at one point had the same kind of discharge. Im not sure about the shooting pain though unless its just round ligament pain. Does your discharge have an odor? Because you could be getting a yeast infection. Yeast infections are super easy to get in the summer. Ill pray for you that everything is ok

  • @carsons_mommy Not round ligament, it's too far south for that and I know it's not a yeast infection. I know I'm missing a portion of my cervix from a cold knife conization I had to have done in 2008. Thank you for the prayers.

  • @misskristin please please ask your doctor asap to check your cervix. I have incompetant cervix and with my first pregnancy I had all of the symptoms for it. When I finally got someone to listen I was dialated to 3 and only had a mm cervix. This was at 19 weeks. With a cerclage I made it 8 more weeks. Please try to make them listen!

  • @misskristin BTW I had the same procedure you had 5 years before my first pregnancy.

  • @babynewyear2012 That is absolutely what I'm thinking. I hate the thought of waiting until 16 weeks when that could be too late for a stitch to make a difference or bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy. I dislike having to keep complaining, but I kind of understand the impersonal position the military docs are in here on HI...they see hundreds of pregnant women a week. :/ I'm about to call now, I'll let you know what happens.

  • @misskristin Please do! I got my cerclage with this pregnancy at 13 weeks and have bedrest until 28 weeks.

  • @babynewyear2010 My 5 year old son is not going to like I just wish they would check now rather than wait. I have a more in depth post about why I think I'll be needing a cerclage, but basically...I've had a cone biopsy, a colposcopy, & the conization. At my 1st yearly pap, I cried and nearly jumped off the table it hurt so bad. The doctor told me that the surgeon had removed a large portion of my cervix. A stitch I can handle, having another miscarriage I can't. The first 2 were not caused by ic and happened very early on.

  • @misskristin My son doesnt like it either luckily he is 12 so he helps alot. I had all of the same procedures you did. If you want to email me feel free I am worried about you!

  • @misskristin Just wanted to check on you and dee what the doc said. I went for a visit today and my cervix is down to 10mm. More bedrest....

  • @babynewyear2012 The doc did a manual exam and said my cervix was closed. It was rather painful though & I'm still feeling pressure, but he said it's normal and to keep my appt at 16 weeks for the cervical ultrasound. :/ I just hope my cervix doesn't decide to shorten too much by that point because pain and pressure is not normal at this stage of pregnancy and I can't request a second opinion being a military hospital. So I guess I'll take it easy for the next 2 & 1/2 weeks :/.

    Sorry to hear about addictional bedrest. How far along are you now?

  • Maybe it wont be to bad. As long as he agrees that it is a possibility. I think alot of doctors treat IC differntly. Alot of people have said not sure why I am on bedrest but mine is severe so we kind of expected it. I am only 16 weeks and just praying I can get to 28 weeks so she will be big enough to not just come out.

  • @misskristin I had a ton of pressure before my cerclage from about 13wks to 17wks when it was placed. Personally, I would demand a cervical length scan at 14 wks. Even if your cervix is hard and closed, doesnt mean its not shortening. The pressure I was feeling was actually my cervix shortening. I would call around 14wks and tell them you are having extreme pressure and you feel like the baby is going to fall out. 14wks is a good time to get a baseline measurement. I hope all goes well for you. Maybe request another doc next time?

  • @New_baby_in_oct It's definitely on my mind. I may just call and leave a msg with my doc about it. The doc I saw yesterday was not my high risk doctor and I know they (I have 2) are taking my case seriously. After the painful exam though, the thought of someone/something pushing against my cervix again isn't how I want to spend today. :(

  • misskristinmisskristin August 2011

    @babynewyear2012 Well guess who knows their body better than the doc do...and it still isn't getting me the results or peace of mind that I want. I saw my doc on Thursday and told him that I have been in complaining of pelvic pain and pressure more than once, so he decided to do a quick ultrasound and measured me at 2.5cm. :( He told me to keep my ultrasound that was scheduled for the next day and that his secretary would be calling to schedule my next appt and a date for a cerclage. Well once hubby found out, I was a mess because I went to this appt alone, we went straight back to the hospital and talked to a patient advocate. Then I figured that since we were there, we may as well try to set my appt in person. As the lady is setting it, she pages another high risk doc and asks when the OR is available. Since there was an opening the next day (Friday) he decided to do an ultrasound himself and measured me around 3cms. :/ They decided to follow it and do a repeat ultrasound in 2 weeks. UGH!

    So today I've been having pelvic pressure and pressure in my bottom (I don't have to poo, tmi) and sharp stabbing pains radiating from my abdomen through my pelvic floor. They are so painful, I double over. Hubby recommends going back again tomorrow, but I'm sure they will just send me home like it's no big deal. :( I just don't know what to do at this point. For freaking sake, I want to stay pregnant. The worst thing is I can no longer envision myself and dh holding our baby and that scares me because I felt that with both of my miscarriages as well. I used to be able to envision it and now that excitement is gone.

  • @misskristin Please dont give up. If possible put yourself on strict bedrest. Put the foot of your bed on bricks to get your head lower than your pelvis. This will make baby fliat away from the cervix. I have those pains alot. My first cerclage was done with 1mm cervix that was dialated 3cm. There is alot of information I will be glad to share with you. Please email me a but please please do not give up hope of holding your baby! You can get through this!

  • misskristinmisskristin August 2011

    @oregonmama My doctor is all for the cerclage, but wants to wait another 2 weeks. I was 16 weeks last Friday with baby measuring 16 & 1/2. In 2 weeks time, baby will be measuring 18 & 1/2 weeks. If they had done a baseline scan earlier, they would have a better idea of what the length was in the beginning, but like I said. I've had pressure and pain since 8 weeks and it only gets worse. This is my 2nd child, 4th pregnancy. Emotionally, 2 miscarriages within a few months of each other was bad enough, I'd prefer not to make it 3 in less than a year. I also know that pressure and pain that early on is not normal and I know my body. I didn't have cold knife conization until after my son was born, so there was no damage to my cervix during my last pregnancy minus a cone biopsy that they did while I was pregnant. I am frustrated because the doctors don't care about the patients like I would want them to. Military OBGYN's see too many pregnant women to have compassion apparently.

  • misskristinmisskristin August 2011

    @babynewyear2010 Thanks. It's just so frustrating that I've told them more than once that I am having pressure and pain. As soon as I told my doc, he seemed shocked that no one had measured. I had left a message for my other doc a few weeks ago and never heard back from him. :/ I can't switch doc's without switching insurance and I've heard it will take a month for my insurance to switch over. Clearly the baby is only going to get bigger and weigh more, I haven't really gained any weight which is probably a blessing for my body at this point. My husband said he was going to try to figure out something else, but it seems as though I have no choice but to wait it out until my next appt. I can't do strict bedrest which is another reason I wanted them to catch it sooner. I have a stupid custody agreement with my ex, so my son is only with me for another month before he goes to his dad's for 4 & 1/2 months. I have been taking it easy for weeks which is probably benefiting, but this is my last month with my kiddo and I want to spend it with him. He plays soccer and my husband coaches his team, it's important to both of them that I be there and it's important to me as well. Not to mention that if I end up on strict bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy, I won't be able to go home and see my family (5000 miles away) or take a mini vacation with my husband who totally deserves it because he's been so amazing.

    After the second ultrasound, they originally said recheck in a week, then as we were making the appt, he said 2 weeks instead. I told hubby that I would wait until the end of the week before going back to er and demanding the on call OB and an ultrasound. With as intense as the pain has gotten, I know my cervix is doing something. I can tell the difference between round ligament pain and actual cramping. I appreciate your help hun!

  • misskristinmisskristin August 2011

    @oregonmama Agreed! I wasn't aware that I could demand the on call OBGYN until I went to patient advocacy. The ER, although they are mostly very nice and more compassionate than the OB clinic (I don't know what L&D is like yet), just isn't equipped to help me because I'm not dying. lol

    Even sitting here now...I only started a load of laundry, not even heavy lifting, and was up and about for all of 20 mins (even tmi, went to the bathroom)...sit down and the pressure has started, the back pain is starting again, and cramps down through my pelvic walls. Grrr...normal my hind end, if it were the 3rd trimester, I would understand, but this is just ridiculous.

  • @misskristin how soon did they give you the results of the test? I was in L&D when I was 14-15 weeks because I couldnt take the pressure/pain anymore. The resident (3rd year) checked my cervix but she only checked to see if it was open. Needless to say I still have the pressure but just deal with it. I just had my cervix length done a week ago. ( I had a LEEP done back in '06) Im 18 weeks now but my Dr hasnt called. If something was wrong would she call or would she wait until my next appt.? I really should be asking her this but I just read your post and the office is closed. All of this on top of Placenta Previa. She put me on pelvic rest which df isnt listening to X( I always ask him if he wants his child born premature. Hes so ignorant he says "Even if its born early wont it grow up ok"? He will pretend to understand then his damn hormones would go wild again. If I complain he gets into one of his moods. So right now we're not speaking. (Thank God I get a break)

  • misskristinmisskristin August 2011

    @babybubba123111 I was told the length by the doc. I had another scan today and the tech told me what she was measuring it. I'm at 3cm in length and I could see that my bean is probably the reason I feel so much pressure....his/her head is just resting against cervix like it's nothing. What a brat! Almost 17 weeks and the baby is just chillin head down. We are remeasuring in a week.

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