I'm alive!

  • Barely. Lol I was introduced to the wonderful world of uterine hemorrhaging, and death was looking imminent for a bit. Don't remember much, but from what my hubby and mom tell me- it wasn't pretty. But never fear, I'm still kicking! And my two beautiful loves are gorgeous as ever and happy as can be! How are all of my preglies doing?! Its been too long!

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  • i am glad u r doing better. Congrats on your babies.

  • I'm glad to know your doing better mama how are your two bundle of joys??? And were doing good at least I know I am lol :)

    In Love with my Isabella :) Born May 16,2011 at 1:04 am..she was 6 lbs 13 oz and 18 1/2 inches long :) Proud mommy of two princesses
  • smcoxsmcox July 2011

    If you don't mind me asking, what exactly is uterine hemmoraging? And babies are totally okay? how far along are you?

  • I'm glad you are getting better, that must have been so scary!

  • sounds scary. glad ur ok (:

  • Same thing happened to me. Very scary thing to go through.

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  • Glad ur okay!

  • camommycamommy July 2011

    glad you are ok and babies are doing good. My sister had the same problem with her first its scary.

  • camommycamommy July 2011

    @smcox its when your uterius won't stop bleeding after birth.

  • Mrs4cMrs4c July 2011


  • mrs_shumrs_shu July 2011

    How scary for your family and you! But so glad you and babies are all ok now :)

  • @mommy2IsaiahNGiselle thanks ma'am! How Are you? Is miss Giselle here yet??

    @3girls_0boys thank you!

    @grissy_barria they are amazing! I can't believe how much I love them. Lol and that's great you're doing so well!

    @smcox actually I had my twins almost 3weeks ago. About two weeks after their birth the area where one of the placentas detached started hemorrhaging (bleeding profusely, basically) and I lost so much blood I almost died.

    @littlenat86 I think it was more terrifying for my mom and husband than me.
    ! I was out of it, but now my husband checks on me every five minutes I'm in the bathroom no matter why I'm in there!

    @jtmoon98 well I definitely have been busy, but that dang scare put me out of commission for a bit. 3 times?! Omg once was bad enough! Its horrifying! The babies are wonderful! They are rarely fussy and are such happy little things!

    @firsttimedaddy thank you, sir!

    @beautiful_altar it was awful, and I wasn't even conscious half the time!

    @navywife I know! Its been forever. Lol how are you?

    @ethansmommy122 thank you!

    @camommy thank you! It really is.

    @MrsForesee :D

    @Mrs_shu thank you, ma'am, we are doing great!

  • Ah bless him, keeping an eye on you like that!! Glad to hear you and the babies are doing well though hun (*)

  • @mrsstanley_x2 same here. My husband was sitting next to me trying to keep me alert. It was a very scary exprience. I also had a blood transfusion.

  • momof22bemomof22be July 2011

    Sounds like hell I'm glad your all doing so well congrats mama!

    Our little family of 4
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  • momof5momof5 July 2011

    Yayyyyyyyyy. Mama. Your back. Glad to here the babies are doing great and not being fussy. So glad that you are getting back to health. So sorry you had to have an experience like that. Just think now you can tell your kids an amazing story and let them know how strong you are. I missed hearing your updates. So glad your back.

  • TishJ330TishJ330 July 2011

    So glad you're ok! I traumatized my beloved hubby with the same thing! I fon't remember much either, but I turned him into a paranoid mess. Take it easy and keep cooking those babies :-)

  • Very happy all three of you are happy and healthy and welcome back!! \:D/

  • @littlenat86 he is an amazing man. Lol saved my life.

    @beautiful_altar same here! Hubby and I have the same blood type so he knew to tell them. I guess I talked incoherently a few times and then was totally gone.

    @momof22be thank you! Everything is great now!

    @bri2186 two weeks after the Babies were born (I was home). No symptoms or pain, just woke up and BAM blood everywhere.

    @momof5 its good to be back!! I love these ornery little things so much. Lol they act just like daddy, and lil man looks just like him, too! Lil princess looks just like me: :)

    @tishj330 the babies are here and safe, no worries! And its actually sweet how much they care, huh? Lol

    @rockinmomma thank you, ma'am!!

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  • @mommy2IsaiahNGiselle Aw dangit I was hoping she would quit being stubborn and be here already!

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  • @mommy2IsaiahNGiselle I'm great! Just a little weak, still. Doc said that's normal, though. Lol

  • momof5momof5 July 2011

    Awww. You are so lucky to have twins. And one of each at that. Well I'm glad everything is going great.

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