Noone believes me when I say I'm pregnant

  • I'm five months along and unless I'm wearing super tight clothes I don't even look pregnant. I tell people and they look at me like I'm crazy especially when I say I'm five months already. I'm afraid I'm not gaining enough weight. But I'm a very small person. I'm 5'5" and last dr appt I only weighed 118 I've only gained two pounds since pre preggo. I'm high risk too due to rh-and previous mc. I'm worried that by not being very big that my baby isn't growing properly and it hurts my feelings when people look at me like I'm crazy when I say yeah I'm five months along. Anyone else have a small bump?

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  • Im starting to show more and more but everyone is different, and you could be carrying in ur back more. As long as your doctors arnt worried i wouldnt be :) Hope you start to feel better.

  • dra765dra765 July 2011

    I'm small n I'm 6mos but one day my belly just was freaky n I'm sure it'll happen to you too then you'll wish u stayed small

  • jcmommyjcmommy July 2011

    With my first born, you could not even tell I was pregnant at 5months. Stomach had only a bit of a pudge but nothing noticeable. Everyone is different.

  • Thank you guys I'm super over paranoid and just want everything to be ok with my little boy. He's my miracle :X

  • I didn't show with my first till 8.5m even then people believe I was just about due

  • leslowleslow July 2011

    With my second I didn't show until I was 7 months every pregnancy is different im on my fourth and started about 5 months don't worry alot of woman don't show for awhile

  • Have you ladies felt your baby kick yet? I can't tell if my baby is moving or what

  • Oh and ive gained 8 pounds since my 1st appointment, im 22+1 but it really makes me sad gaining because i wasnt at a health weight before i got pregnant. was 144 now 152 :( but its all for my son!

  • I started feeling my lil boy at 18 weeks, but at first i couldnt tell if it was him or gas lol. But if your carrying in ur back i might not feel him as much

  • @alwayzbeenurz2008 I'm just worried that I'm not going to gain enough weight because I really just don't eat that much when I was younger I struggled with anorexia but now its just like I don't get hungry very often and when I do I take like three bites and I'm full. I try to force myself to eat even if I'm not hungry so that I'm not depriving my baby. And I make sure to take my prenatal too or else I freak out because I don't think my food intake is enough for the baby

  • My back does hurt alot but I also have a cracked coxic and three shifted vertebra and then on topp of that I have size 32h chest so I never know what is causing my back pain. I hope I'm not carrying in the back il never survive lol

  • @beaded_bunny was your baby small when born? I hope I don't wait that long to show but I also don't want to be huge.

  • @vayana I had one mc at four months years ago but didn't even know I was pg til I started losing it dr said I would never get pg again so when this happened I was in disbelief and am hoping my baby makes it ft dr said that if I ever get pg again it may not make it so in answer lol yes first one and most likely only.

  • vayannavayanna July 2011

    Your stomach muscles are still very firm so it will take you longer to show as long as your doctor says baby is good size don't stress about it k especially since you have already had a mc.....

  • Yeah he hasn't said anything about the size but he did say the placenta was a little low at the last sonogram could that have something to do with not showing as much? praying it moves up!

  • eaparkereaparker July 2011

    Im 32+2 and i've only gained 3lbs. At 31 weeks baby girl measured 4lbs 5oz and has big fat cheeks! Ur dr will tell u if u aren't gaining enough.

  • Colt was 7.65 at birth

  • jalemjalem July 2011

    If you add me on face book you can look at my pregnancy pix my most recent one i took at 36 weeks and i dont look any where near there... You can look me up my name is reanna wood... Oh and @booface is a tiny bump buddy too

  • This is my second baby and I'm the same way. If I don't dress in skin tight clothes you can't tell and when I do show people my bare belly all they say is wow ur tiny! I'm 21w3days . As long as the Dr says ur fine then I'm sure ur just carrying small. I wish my belly was bigger but its not :(

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  • Nobody believes me, either! I'm almost 7 months and still can't figure out where he's hiding in there. I cried before my 19 week ultrasound because I thought sure they'd tell me he disappeared, but he was there! @Junebuggbabie85 I started feeling movement about 21 weeks with an anterior placenta, and ever since then he moves all day every day. :-) I don't know why, but some babies can be perfect and never show!

    If the link works, my 26 week photo on Shutterfly:

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  • Couldn't tell I was pregnant until 7-8 months. I lost 30 pounds in the first 5 months due to extreme morning sickness-no nausea medicine helped. But now I have a very present bump, still small considering I'm due tomorrow but the doctors all say he's a perfectly healthy baby boy :)

    Don't worry sugar, people are just jealous cause your a teeny preggo and not huge! Haha that's what my docs always told me :P

  • Yes I am 21 wks n hardly. A bump not noticable n the least bit but my mom said she didn't get big w/ me or my brothers so I dk but doctor hasn't said nething to me about. My weight so im guessin im okay :-bd

  • Thanks ladies I'm glad to know I am not alone. Hope you have an easy and safe labor @jessica_clayton

  • My mom didn't show with me until she was 8 months

  • SupppTayyySupppTayyy July 2011

    I'm 18 weeks today, 5'5" and 118lbs :) we sound alike! I've been showing a little more...maybe due to eating big meals these days haha but there's no profound bump....:( I want my bump ughhh

  • You're highrisk? So they do ultrasounds then. As long as the baby is good on the ultrasound I am sure everything is fine. Your doctor said one of the reasons you are highrisk is because of RH-? Were you sensitized to it? Just curious I have never heard of a reason for being highrisk because of a negative blood type. Also a lot of women don't really show until late in the second trimester. try not to worry.
  • @suppptayyy we are very alike where are you from? @ll10 I'm high risk because the rogham deficiency is what caused me to lose my first baby. And now I have the anti bodies for it which can attack the baby and cause it to become anemic and possibly needed transfusions while still in the womb. They do ultrasound once a month and so far so good at my 16 week check up he measured 17 weeks and was very happy to show off his taliwacker :p

  • briAnewmombriAnewmom July 2011

    Im 7 months and no one believes me either... even my aunt says I must not be eating right cuz I don't have a bump im just gaining in my legs... I get so tired of it... so finally I told one woman im due in 3 months and she said ur not pregnant I said yes I am and kinda smiled I thought she was kidding and she's like no u aren't.totally serious. I was sooo mad and hurt she acted like I was lying I finally lost it. My fiance was talking 5 feet away from us so what do I do?.. lol I look at her make my eyes huge and yell" WADE!!" He looks at me she's staring at me and he says what babe wats wrong and right infront of this woman I say quick babe call the doctor im not pregnant!! He's like wth are u talking about? And I said apparently this woman is a psychic and im not pregnant we have to tell the doctor! He looks at me like omg... lol this lady turns so red and I luckily always have an ultrasound on me so I handed it to her and asked her if she got any" feelings" about why my gas looks like a healthy baby im awful.

  • everyone is different. it could just be that your baby hasn't gained a lot yet (which is ok, babies grow the most and put on the most weight in last trimester). i, for one, am jealous that i am not small. i'm not small prepreggo or now. BUT flipping the coin, maybe start getting some shirts that say "baby inside" with an arrow or something. sadly we can't control other people so it's about you trying to thicken your skin or simply ignoring the ignorant. if your doc says the baby is healthy, and so are you, i would say you will have one hot looking body post baby ;)

  • Wow that is nuts, I am rh-. He sounds like my baby! Too cute.
  • It's ok. I'm 5 ft 5 and ppl didn't believe I was pregnant til close to 6 mths. Now I'm gonna be 7 and half mths ppl think I don't look big enough. As long as the Dr days you are where you are suppose to that's all that matters.

  • mrswrightmrswright July 2011

    everyone is different indeed, the lady at the doctors office this morning was 9 months and didn't look prego at all and im 8 months an look like a whale.

  • Lmbo @brianewmom.that is classic. @survivormommie3 I sure hope I look good my bd is a personal trainer so even if I blow up he says I'll always be a milf if he has anything to do with it lol

  • SupppTayyySupppTayyy July 2011

    @Junebuggbabie85 I'm from northern California. What day exactly are you due?

  • @2ndbutfirst lol I go back to the dr next week do hopefully only good news

  • @suppptayyy dd is december 3rd I'm really hoping for a week earlier tho I want a thanksgiving baby.

  • briAnewmombriAnewmom July 2011

    It just depends on the person. My thighs have gotten alot bigger and my butt my tummy just looks bloated and im 5'1" and my friend whose 4 in taller than me found out she was preg a month before me told me id definitely show first cuz im so small. Not true at all. She's obviously pregnant and her bump is much larger than mine. She is 3 weeks ahead of me and her bump has been noticeable since 3 months. Its all about the way u carry and ur body

  • Thanks :)

  • Honnestly I get mistaken for being really fat and I'm not I was a little chunky before the baby now I'm in my 6th month and I'm starting to show a D belly not a B it makes me soooo mad cause my stomach didn't pop out like this before

  • redhead25redhead25 July 2011

    I was the same way with my first. I'm 5'5" and was 120#. I didn't start showing till I was 8 months preggo. My son was born 8#5oz so i wouldn't worry if you've had ur us and baby looks fine. It upset me too when people would say I'm not preggo. But I would always have a quick comeback for them.

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  • SupppTayyySupppTayyy July 2011

    @Junebuggbabie85 ... Haha Awuhh I was hoping 11 days + overdue, not really..but just for the Christmas sales for bday presents since I'm due December 14th. But hey blackfriday is always an option!

  • @suppptayyy lmbo so true I want a november baby because like eight people in my family have dec b daysand I don't want my baby stuffed in with them. December babies get screwed. Lol

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