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  • ok i know pregnancy weeks and trimester are done weird. I am 13 weeks how many months is that? Can someone jus break down all the weeks and trimesters? Plz an ty

  • I have a discussion on this.. ill bump it up for you.

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  • sissylalasissylala July 2011

    I believe 1-13 is the 1st trimester, 14-27 is second trimester and 28-40 is 3rd...

  • @sissylala is correct. And you are 3 months, 1 week

  • sissylalasissylala July 2011

    Why thank you, @misskristen! Lucky I don't go by that... im 24+3, but when ppl ask, I just say 5 months and some change, lol.

  • I use this :D

    4 weeks- one month
    6- one month 2 weeks
    8- two months
    10- two months two weeks
    12- three months
    14- three months two weeks
    16- four months
    18- four months two weeks
    20- five months
    22- five months two weeks
    24- six months
    26- six months two weeks
    28- seven months
    30- seven months two weeks
    32- eight months
    34- eight months two weeks
    36- nine months
    38- nine months two weeks
    40- ten months

  • @sissylala It usually depends on who I'm talking to. I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow, but if someone were to ask today, I would say 3 & 1/2 months. Most people get confused with weeks if you refer to it that way, lol. Hubbys got it down though! :)

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