PLEASE helppp in soo much pain sore swollen and raw fml

  • So a few weeks ago i went to my doctor because i was swollen red and it felt raw like i was wiping with sandpaper , he gave me a wet prep and said everything came back normal but prescribed me metronidazol he said it would help he said its usually prescribed for trichomoniasis i think is what he called it but he said i didnt not have that , that only thing the wet prep showed was that my white blood count was high and that my discharge was probably getting backed up from not having a period to flow everything out i took almost all the medicine but not all cause its hard on my stomach and i had got better. NOW A FEW WEEKS LATER I AM SWOLLEN ,RAW, RED, WITH BUMPS IN THE ENTRANCE OF my vagina it burns and im so miserable .ive looked up the symptoms and i seen alot of info about herpes OMG im pretty sure that if i had that it would of showed up on the wet prep results but anybody ever had these problems ill be 25 weeks tomorrow. and i HAVE NOT had sex in like 2 months so that cant be y im sore

  • I think you can only get diagnosed with herpes when you are in a flare up although im not sure. Did the doctor see it like this when you saw him last. If so I doubt it would be that. Go back to your docs hun to get checked. Could it be a bad dose of thrush? With it not being treated correctly before it could have come back. Hope you feel better soon

  • camommycamommy July 2011

    Maybe Allergic reaction to your body fluids (discharge) extra harmones

  • @littlenat86 i was a little swollen when i went not as bad as i am now he saw the bumps and said that they are common during pregnancy and that we would worry about them after i had the baby if they didnt go away but now they are swollen and hurt so bad i asked him to give me a wet prep and test me for everything . idk i will call and beg them to see me tomorrow i was thinking about going to the ER but they will just treat me like im stupid cause er is for emergency, im just worried about the health of my baby and plus this pain is unbearable :/

  • soon2b3soon2b3 July 2011

    Definitely go to your Dr it could really be a number of things

  • @camommy im not sure my mom said maybe im allergic to the laundry soap that i switched to im just ready to find out what is going on and get better :( Ughhh

  • i just went to my doctor for this and he gave me medicine and it got better and came back 10 times worst , they r gunna get tired of me calling up there lol O WELL.

  • Try rinsing or sitting in some cool water. Then leave your underwear off for a bit. If its that uncomfortable you really need to see the doctor hun

  • soon2b3soon2b3 July 2011

    Do u have baking soda?

  • soon2b3soon2b3 July 2011

    Run a warm bath put plenty of baking soda and stay in as long as you feel comfy. This will help with the discomfort until you can Get to your Dr.

  • i have caldesene powder i tryd that but it just burned.

  • im just gunna go to the doctor in the morning they dont open until 8 if they wont see me then i ll go to the er

  • HERPES is like the main thing that pops up when i look up the symptoms im having on the internet but wouldnt the doctor have been able to tell ????

  • Ali_in_OKAli_in_OK July 2011

    When my doc tested me for herpes, she did a blood test. That's the only way to tell unless u currently have an outbreak while seeing the doc.

  • ugh im praying thats not it. you can never get rid of herpes ,

  • that happened to me when I was younger.. when charmaine toilet papers first introduced their scented brand and my mom switched. I had no idea and broke out in a flaming rash so bad that I couldn't take a shower and let water hit down there. Needless to say that even with antibitotics, it didn't go away till we realized it was the toilet paper. I'm just suggesting that you may be reacting to something you've recently introduced around the area. New soap, detergent, wipes, feminine wash. Idk but it sounds serious and I would go back to the Dr asap

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  • starrxoxo9starrxoxo9 July 2011

    I'm not sure what it could be, but if he gives you more medicine, you have to finish ALL of it. Everytime I have an infection of any kind they always tell me that. It usually says it right on the bottle too. It's very important, and the fact that you didn't finish it could be the reason it came back. Good luck!

  • clope18clope18 July 2011

    I've been feeling like that! My mom said it might be normal bcuz there is no odor & no discolored discharge. She told me to put VASELINE on my vag after I shower & it helps with the discomfort. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow & I'm freaked out about it

  • Ive had this problem. It usually just from the extra discharge and becus its so hott I sweat down there so that just adds to it.. I just put a little a&d ointment or if u have sum itch cream that u put down there for yeast infection that works too.

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