brown eyes mother ,blue eyes father baby?????

  • I have brown eyes hb has blue eye my baby ???
    i have dark hair hb has blonde hair???

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  • Same here I have brown HB has blue! Hopefully baby has blue lol

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  • I'd like to know also! Sept daddy has green/hazel eyes & thats the one feature I reallyyyy hope my son gets from daddy.

  • My mom had brown. My dad has green and mine change from blue grey, and green... My sons dad has brown eyes and my son has brown eyes.. My hubby now has brown eyes so we shall see if our babys eyes turn brown or stay blue

  • @newmomma15 I want to knowwwwww

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  • hubby has color change eyes (if he's wearing blue they are blue, if he's wearing green, they are usually green and if we are outside they get a hazel tint to them) and I have green/blue eyes. so far 2/3 of our kids have blue eyes (#3 due in the next few weeks)

  • SaraSSaraS July 2011

    Your baby could have brown or blue eyes.

  • @mszcastillo oh god why we have to wait !!!

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  • Brown is the dominant color.

  • azmomazmom July 2011

    Not sure if it matters but ex had brown eyes. I have blue eyes my son like most were. Bright blue for a long time I think until he was 2 1/2. Hes now 6 n they r green: 0)

  • @survivormommie3 my hb has blue all the time Lol

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  • SaraSSaraS July 2011

    Brown eyes are dominant so your husband contributes a blue eye gene. You could contribute a brown eye gene-your baby would have brown eyes or you may have a recessive blue gene and if you contribute that, your baby will have blue eyes.

  • texasmommatexasmomma July 2011

    I have hazel and my hubby has blue. My three girls have blue. I am praying this little girl has hazel like her momma.

  • @SaraS I know but I can't wait Lol

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  • @azmom o=> I'm jealous Lol

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  • Brown eyes are more dominant. But there's a slight chance of blue eyes

  • @texasmomma may be this is your lucky one

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  • azmomazmom July 2011

    I hope this baby has green eyes too...hubby has mom has green no one else in our family does. Just my 6year old n my dad had blue eyes too

  • lalalorreelalalorree July 2011

    I believe brown eyes are stronger then blue eyes. Thats why blue eyes are kinda rare when it comes to a family of brown/blue eyes

  • texasmommatexasmomma July 2011

    @2girls_1boy I hope so.

  • headersueheadersue July 2011

    My hubby has blue eyes and I have brown eyes. I am hoping our boy has blue eyes! My mom has brown and my dad has blue and my older sister me and my sister after me have brown and my 2 youngest sisters have blue! So who knows!?!?

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  • potatopotato July 2011

    Eye color isn't determined by just two genes. I have brown eyes, which both my parents have, and my husband has eyes that shift from blue to green but are nearly always blue (his mom has green eyes and his dad has blue). My grandmother (mom's mom) has green eyes and I have white on both sides of my family (closer on my dad's side, oddly enough), meaning I will be carrying the same or similar recessive genes that are expressed in my husband.

    Genes are more complicated than those Punnet squares in biology.

  • charlottebcharlotteb July 2011

    Hazel. It's what results in combining brown and blue. I have blue eyes tho, and all of my kids do too, even tho the youngests dad has poo brown eyes, lol!!!

  • gatorbobgatorbob July 2011

    Eye color genetics are some of the most difficult to figure out. It isn't as simple as most people think. It's really pretty interesting if you look it up :) mom and dad's eye colors sometimes aren't the set of genes that end up dominant. Sometimes it ends up being a recessive gene that mom and dad both carry that ends up being dominant. Which is why baby might have great grandma's bright blue eyes and mom has green, dad brown! Brown is dominant, but 2 or 3 recessive can win out over 1 dominant color and eye color is based on 2 genes from each parent. So if your dominant color is green but you also are a blue gene carrier. And hubby has dominant brown and also has a recessive blue gets blue eyes. If he has brown and is a recessive brown carrier baby has brown eyes. Of course with variables and mutations and not so common colors- like amber or 2 colored eyes..hazel or like green with brown flecks makes eye color very unique and hard to predict! I love trying though but it's hard to figure out because each child can inherit a different combo

  • lae3lae3 July 2011

    Mine r brown bd r blue. My two sons have brown eyes.. If u have one parent or gparent w/ blue eyes u carry the gene for blue eyes even if u have two brown eyed parents can have a blue eyed baby.. But both.parents have to have direct relitive w blue eyes.. But brown eyes r dominant.. Lol cant wait to see if my next son has blue green ot brown eyes.. Id love it if he had baby.blues like his daddy

  • My whole family is green/ blue an the daddy is brown both my babies came out wit dark brown.

  • @headersue let me know lol

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  • sduboissdubois July 2011

    I have brown and my husband has blue my first daughter and son have brown and my last daughter has blue...hubbys hoping this little boy has blue too :)

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  • FateFate July 2011

    My husband has blue eyes and I have green eyes. One of our daughters has blue eyes, one has green eyes and our youngest (2 weeks old) has brown eyes. Your baby literally can have any eye color. They might be blue when he/she is born, due to lack of pigment from low amounts of melanin. But it can take up to 3 years in some cases for true eye color to set in.

  • Jaime77Jaime77 July 2011

    My mother has light blue eyes, father brother has brown, I have hazel green.
    My ex hubby has brown I have hazel my 2 kids have brown
    Jadens dad has blue eyes, mine are hazel green jaden has blue so far hopefully they get lighter. He's 3weeks old.

  • BkE913BkE913 July 2011

    I have brown, my sons father had blue and he has blue. My daughers father has greenish/hazel eyes and her eyes are starting to turn that color now.

    Lovin' my nuggets! Bronsen Kale and Sophia Avery. They make my world go 'round. :)
  • While it is more likely they will be brown, it's entirely possible they'll be blue. I recommend looking into the science behind eye color. They don't have to just do with yours and your bd's. Could be your parents and so on too! A simple page that explains a lot is the "eye color" page on wikipedia. And many other google searches on blue and brown eye color genes.

  • both my parents had brown eyes & mine are blue.
    my fiance has light brown eyes so im hoping our lil girl has mommy's eyes lol

  • bummy87bummy87 July 2011

    I have green hubby is brown kids r brown, green n blue

  • sands3sands3 July 2011

    I have brown, my husband has son has blue.

  • I have brown hubby has blue. My two younger children with him have blue eyes and hoping this baby has blue too. My dads side of the family has blue and my moms mom has blue so there are plenty of blue eyes i just ended up with my moms caca brown eyes

  • I have brown and my sons dad has green. My son has green. I have recessive blue and green eye gene so hopefully my baby girl gets her daddys bright blue eyes :)

  • jbandno3jbandno3 July 2011

    My hubby has brown eyes, I have blue eyes, our two children have blue eyes. And I'm sure this one will have blue eyes too. My FIL had piercing blue eyes, we are pretty sure hubby has a recessive gene for blue eyes that had come out in our kids.

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  • I have brown eyes and my husband has light hazel with green eyes :) my baby was born with green/grey eyes nothing like my eyes :D

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  • dec10dec10 July 2011

    My eyes r brown my hubby r blue my kids brown

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  • This question has been killing me!!!!! Me & my 1st bd have dark brown eyes& our kids all have dark brown eyes. But this bd has really light green eyes, so curious what this babys eyes will look like!!!!

  • its so hard to wait :-ss

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    How`s my pregnancy doing?

  • My bd has brown eyes and I have brown eyes but our first born has grey eyes? Don't know how that happened. I'm excited to see if our next will have brown or grey eyes.

  • kdanielskdaniels July 2011

    my dad has blue mom has brown, i came out with blue and they were blue till i i was 2 and a half then they changed to hazel. my hair was also very light till i was 2, then it all fell out and in came the black hair :) my sis in law and my brother both have very brown eyes, and my neice has these beautiful green hazel eyes, which are mostly green. green also runs in our family. you never know! and they always may change in a few years!

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  • I'm brown hair brown eyes, hubby is mousey blonde and blue. MJ has brown and brown, Benji didn't have any hair and his eyes were still fused when he was born but they say all babies start with blue eyes..

  • bertrang14bertrang14 July 2011

    I have brown eyes and my husband has blue and our daughter has blue eyes so it should be interesting to see what this baby has!

  • DH has dark brown hair and light brown eyes. I have Bright blue eyes with medium brown hair. I'm hoping she has blue eyes with red hair...There is a very small chance lol. His mom and my maternal grandfather both had red hair...I figure there's at least a chance =) Either way I'm interested to see who she will look like more =)

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