Did my unborn baby just fart?

  • PebblesMommyPebblesMommy August 2011

    I don't think they can pass gas yet, but I don't know what that vibration just now could have been. Sure felt like Pebble just let one go. :/

  • Lol I have thought the same exact thing! Idk if it can happen though lol

  • Lucasmama11Lucasmama11 August 2011

    My midwife said they do and they burp too!

  • My2sonsMy2sons August 2011


  • mandac10mandac10 August 2011

    Lol! Where does the gas go after they fart?

  • HavingNumber4HavingNumber4 August 2011

    To make you fart

  • LOL that is so funny!

  • PebblesMommyPebblesMommy August 2011

    Wow Seriously!!! :-)) My poor baby has gas already. Awww

  • Lol really they do??? Wow my baby is a farting machine than like her daddy hahaha

  • MythicaMythica August 2011

    Actually, my specialist said that babies can't pass gas in the womb. :/ They've got meconium blocking their bowels til they are born. Burping... maybe? But, to quote my specialist: "There's not much room for gas in there..."

    Where'd you go? I miss you so. Seems like it's been forever since you've been gone. Please come back home...


  • bwhite55019bwhite55019 August 2011

    There's no air so how is it possible for them to. Don't you have to have air isn't that what comes out?

  • nicoleok87nicoleok87 August 2011

    @bwhite55019 no, ur body makes the gas....

  • PebblesMommyPebblesMommy August 2011

    I learned that the meconium is produced by baby ingesting the lanugo that ends up in the amniotic fluid they swallow. So if that stuff doesn't shed off their bodies into the fluid til close to the end then maybe it could come out of both ends until then?

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  • singlemamasinglemama August 2011

    The baby could have been hiccuping.

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