it hurts down there :/

  • shimattsbabyshimattsbaby September 2011

    It really hurts in my pelvic area when I walk or just move I feel super sore like I got kicked down there :( not fun to walk could it be my body is getting ready to deliver or is something wrong with me? My baby isnt head down yet so idk what to think. I'm 36+5

  • musicmommamusicmomma September 2011

    I've been feeling that way for a couple weeks now. I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow. It's just the baby settling into position as well as your body preparing for the big event. I feel your pain. It's incredibly sore and stiff.

  • Cmasat4Cmasat4 September 2011

    I know what you are talking about! I just had an appointment today with my doctor for it and she said that it can only get worse, because it is your pelvic bone spreading for the baby to descend. It totally sucks I have had it for about a week now and everything I do hurts. I can't sit down to pee without feeling like my legs are gonna snap off my pelvis! Hang in there you two we are almost there. I have 13 days left until my induction at 6am sept 15th!

  • shimattsbabyshimattsbaby September 2011

    @musicmomma I really hope this means the end is near i really want to see my little lady but her heads not even heads down??

    @Cmasat5 WHAT!! worse idk how much of this i could take but its all worth it at the end. I know its hurts all the time but lucky you you at least know when your little one is coming im playing the waiting games lol

  • musicmommamusicmomma September 2011

    @shimattsbaby My baby was breech for a bit and I still felt the pressure. It just got worse once he moved into the right position. I hate to tell you, but it does get worse. But just remember it'll be worth it in the end!!!!!

  • RizzyChickyRizzyChicky September 2011

    I've started feeling that since after 30wks! My doc said it's normal and it's just your body preparing itself for labor.

  • Damiens_MommyDamiens_Mommy September 2011

    i'm only 29weeks and i feel like that... i feel like i'm being stabbed in the cooch if i move wrong and even just walking hurts :{

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  • shimattsbabyshimattsbaby September 2011

    @musicmomma just knowing that im so close to seeing her makes the pain worth it. My baby is transverse so I'm hoping she's ready to move into the right position. Have u had ur baby yet?

    @rizzychicky I was going to ask my Dr but forgot idk how I can forget this pain lol

    @damiens_mommy 29weeks!! I'm sorry lol I wonder if there is something that can help with the pain??

  • CarrieLeeCarrieLee September 2011

    Sounds like the same pain I've been having. It hurts to sit, walk, stand, lift a leg, and the worse is rolling over in bed. I never had this with my other two pregnancies. It's awful!

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  • bbylucasMommabbylucasMomma September 2011

    I wish I had more pain so at least id know he was coming :( I'm tired of waiting it feels like he's never coming

  • VictoriaBVictoriaB September 2011

    Mine gets better and worse on and off. I'm especially stiff in the morning. After I move around for a bit, I feel a little better. I never really took tylenol during my pregnancy, but I've been taking it lately for pain in my ankles, back, hips, etc. It takes the edge off for a bit. My suggestion is emulate your cat and lay around all day :)

  • expectingmy2ndexpectingmy2nd September 2011

    I've been experiencing the same thing for several weeks now. I'm 35wks1d. I'm fine as long I'm sitting down but as soon as I stand up, the pain begins. I feel like I walk like I have a stick stuck up my butt. It also hurts whenever I have to roll over at night. I asked my doctor about it and he said it's normal. It isn't fun but it will be all worth it in the end. I can't wait for my little man to get here.

  • musicmommamusicmomma September 2011

    @shimattsbaby No I haven't had him yet, but I have a feeling it's close. I'm not due til the 24th, but I feel like he may get here sooner than I think. Here's hoping your baby gets in the right position soon!
    @CarrieLee oh my gosh, I have all that too! It's insane to me that just lifting my leg is so incredibly painful.

  • shimattsbabyshimattsbaby September 2011

    Last night I had the worst sleep ever just to turn over I literally had to sit up then move then I felt like I was having contractions but it was hard to keep track :( I really hope she's coming soon idk if I can handle another night like this

    @musicmomma I'm due the 24th and crossing my fingers she's coming out earlier

  • shimattsbabyshimattsbaby September 2011

    Hubby and I had sex last night and it feels like it got worse I'm asking my dr to check is I'm dialated any I really hope so.

  • preggo123preggo123 September 2011

    Gosh I've been feeling this pain since 25weeks nd I'm now 28&3days...blahh I dislike This pain it literally takes me 5min tooo get outta. Bed..

  • MommyLovesSparkleMommyLovesSparkle September 2011

    Been having it since 29*6 I'm now 33*5 it gets bad some days but then some days it don't hurt too much. Try sleeping with a cylinder shaped pillow in between your legs it should help a little.

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