have you tasted your colostrum? what does it taste like/

  • I finally worked up the nerve to try mine. Although its sticky it has no taste. My man is finally moving closer to me and he seems to be turned on by the idea of drinking/tasting it. Whatever the hell floats his boat. Can you eat or drink something to change the taste of the colostrum? I know you can with breast milk. Hell, if he wants to taste it so bad I at least want it to taste good.

  • kayleigh27kayleigh27 September 2011

    I tried some of my breastmilk but to me it had no taste lol

  • Mrz_JacksonMrz_Jackson September 2011

    My Hubby sed its was awful ! Lol I'm not sure about changn the taste

  • BentleysMommyBentleysMommy September 2011

    My breast milk is sweet. I've tasted it on Bentley's lips when I kiss him after he eats lol.

  • My kids want to try it to. Go figure

  • KingsmamaKingsmama September 2011

    Mine is also very sweet like @BentleysMommy is. It tastes like sugar water to me. My colostrum didn't have any flavor either. Idk about changing the flavor of it but it still tastes way better than formula!

  • Math_MommyMath_Mommy September 2011

    Candle wax...basically nothing. My breastmilk tastes like sugar milk tho. Bf and I got curious...

  • VictoriaBVictoriaB September 2011

    I've been leaking since I was 4 months, so sometimes when we get busy, my husband sucks on my nipples and gets a taste. He said its kind of sweet. I'm trying to convince him to suck on them so I go into labor :))

  • CaptainMorgaineCaptainMorgaine September 2011

    My milk definitely tastes my sugar milk, but I was so worried that Daniel wasnt getting enough when he was born that I made sure he got every drop.

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