Can i still get pregnant even if i used a condom?

  • Lourdes26us1Lourdes26us1 September 2011

    I gave birth to my son in June and Im having pregnancy symtoms! My last period was in Sept. 7th and had sex on the 18th using a condom. Days later i spotted one time pink/brownish discharge. Now my breast are hurting alot and Im getting hot flashes.

  • natashalynnnatashalynn September 2011

    You can get preggo using condoms, bit I'm 10 weeks pp, and I still het hot flashes. I dunno hun. Maybe get it checked?

  • Lourdes26us1Lourdes26us1 September 2011

    @jtmoon98, Wow!! OMG! Now Im scared LOL...:). I do want another baby But i was planning to wait at least six more months!

  • Lourdes26us1Lourdes26us1 September 2011

    @natashalynn, Im going to ask my Doctor. Its weird because i was fine after i had my baby. I was always hot at night when I was pregnant. Then, when i had my baby i was always cold at night. Now Im hot at night again :/

  • Damiens_MommyDamiens_Mommy September 2011

    I got pregnant through a condom and birthcontrol. Sooooo Yuh I'd get checked

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  • MommysierraMommysierra September 2011

    uhoh yeah its defiantly possible that you are pregnant ask your doctor for sure

  • mrs_shumrs_shu September 2011

    My 3 year old was conceived using condoms lol on the upside it shuts people up quickly when they make comments about using protection ;)
    I always thought condoms were in the high 90s percent wise for prevention but my obgyn informed it was actually in the 80s.

  • LittleFaeLittleFae September 2011

    No birth control is a 100% so yes you can get pregnant using a condom.
    If you didn't put it on right away, then his pre-cum can have little swimmers in it and we all know it only takes one to get you pregnant.
    Also, if the condom were to break or have a little hole in it, then the sperm can/will leak out.
    It's always best to use the condom from the beginning, if it dries out while still in the middle of intercourse put a new one on, and have your man check afterwords for leaks when he goes to take it off.

  • mrsrocketfield1221mrsrocketfield1221 September 2011

    Condoms say right in them they're not 100% safe... just like how ppl get pregnant on birth control. Good luck I hope or all works out for you :)

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  • RoxyRoxy September 2011

    How can u get prago threw a condom? They bust or sum have a hole

  • mommimishamommimisha September 2011

    yes yu can! condoms are 99.9 percent effective... either there was a hole in or it busted what happend to me thee condom got stuck inside me lol... i got lucky and didnt get pregnant that time.. but that same thing happend to my mom and thats how i came along hahaha

  • LeviLuv8LeviLuv8 September 2011

    is this your first period since baby??? My friend spotted months after having her baby. I dont know tho. If you dont use condom acurately then yes it can happen... or if it rips. lol

  • Lourdes26us1Lourdes26us1 September 2011

    @ everyone :) Thank you for responding to my question!! I hope that Im not pregnant because my baby Its too little. But if I am pregnant I will be very happy to have another baby :) It took me 12 yrs to get pg with my son, so It will be another miracle :)

  • Lourdes26us1Lourdes26us1 September 2011

    @Babyluv8, this is my second pd.

  • usafwife_21usafwife_21 September 2011

    Let us know if you are! I always thought condoms were 95 percent effective and the pills and other things were 99.9% effective.

  • RoxyRoxy September 2011

    I want to know too if ur pragent...

  • nmartinez79nmartinez79 September 2011

    I got prego using condoms and avoiding sex during ovulation by charting my temp

  • Beautiful_AltarBeautiful_Altar September 2011

    Nothing is 100% unless you a.Dont have sex or b.Have had a hysterectomy.

  • Lourdes26us1Lourdes26us1 September 2011

    I will let you know ladies if i am pregnant. According to a due date calculator, i should be able to get a bfp on October 1.

  • kayleigh27kayleigh27 September 2011

    My SIL got pregnant with the patch and condoms.

  • momofSOONtobe7momofSOONtobe7 September 2011

    Let us know for sure! I got pregnant being on the marina (? Sp) dumb spell check with my son and with my daughter I was on the shot. The docs told me either my man has super swimmers or im just plain fertile myrtle. He said either way he couldn't believe it! Good luck to you! Im thinking of having my tubes tied this time but not sure yet!

  • kayleigh27kayleigh27 September 2011

    There was one woman I knew that got pregnant after 2 TUBAL LIGATIONS idk how but she.did. she was like 'just take out.everything im tired of being pregnant!'lol

  • Lourdes26us1Lourdes26us1 September 2011

    @Jtmoon98 LOL....

  • Lourdes26us1Lourdes26us1 September 2011

    @momofSOONtobe7, i will let you all know for sure :). Wow on your comment LOL!! :)

  • Lourdes26us1Lourdes26us1 September 2011

    @kayleigh27 i also have heard stories like that!! Its surprises me everytime :)

  • Steph_Due_101611Steph_Due_101611 September 2011

    Me and my sons dad only had sex once and we used a condom. There was no indication of a hole and it didn't break. But low and behold here i am with this handsome little boy who's gonna be 4 in november. His dad thought i was trying to play a joke or something when i said i was prego. He didn't believe me or believe it was his based on the facts. But damn this little boy is a spitting image of his daddy.

  • _Kaykes_Kaykes September 2011

    Omg! I'm scared now! After I have this baby the bf is cut off! Lol

  • _Kaykes_Kaykes September 2011

    Omg! I'm scared now! After I have this baby the bf is cut off! Lol

  • QweenNiqueQweenNique September 2011

    I never believed you could however my 9day old daughter was conceived using a condom. So.... You can!

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  • Proudmommy8789Proudmommy8789 September 2011

    Are your breastfeeding? Cause I know im not prego but I get hot flashes when my body is making milk. And I get tender boobs anf I even get quesy!

  • Lourdes26us1Lourdes26us1 September 2011

    Wow!! Im really getting scared with all of your beautiful stories LOL.. :)

    @Proudmommy8789 no, i didnt breastfeed My baby. I didnt produced milk :(

  • Proudmommy8789Proudmommy8789 September 2011

    you should test soon! if your pregnant your going to have another june baby!

  • Lourdes26us1Lourdes26us1 October 2011

    Ok ladies I took two test and they were negative!! Then a few days later i got my period. Im a little upset and I dont know why :( I should be happy!

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