mirena and rough sex (may be tmi)

  • Damiens_MommyDamiens_Mommy October 2011

    ok, i've heard a lot of horror stories about mirena but no one has asked this particular question, not that i've come across anyway...

    how would mirena hold up as far as rough sex is concerned? my hubby and i are really rough in bed, always have been, and my main concern is that the roughness could dislodge it or cause us both some kind of pain... has anyone heard anything about this? or had any experiences?

    i'm just trying to find a type of BC that won't make me gain back all the weight i lost... and that i don't have to worry about forgetting... its really difficult to find something...

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  • momof22bemomof22be October 2011

    Good question I would like to know too...

    Our little family of 4
  • Damiens_MommyDamiens_Mommy October 2011


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  • brodysmammabrodysmamma October 2011

    My friend said her bf could feel the tip poking him and it would cause her to cramp. I've never had it though.

  • momofSOONtobe7momofSOONtobe7 October 2011

    I've had it and to be honest it depends on how big your man is. My husband at the time wasn't to big but he could feel it. After I left him yeah my man now needless to say is well hung and he could feel it. I had to almost have it surgically removed bc it got pushed up to high. We go at it like rabbits and are pretty rough. He feels it more then anything but if I was on top I could feel it. I was able to get it removed without surgery thank God. But it could dislodge it and or push it up farther. Just how I was. Good luck. I hated mine.

  • paxtonsmamapaxtonsmama October 2011

    @damiens_mommy u should ask Ur Dr about implanon its the same medicine in mirena but its like 100x safer. Its a lil chip that's inserted in Ur arm by a needle (from what i heard its less painful than mirena) my Dr won't use mirena bc it could embed into Ur cervix and possibly cause infertility in the future. Im gettin implanon at my 6 week check up after have my lil man.

  • allyssasmommyallyssasmommy October 2011

    Yea implonon I'm getting it again I like my periods on it

  • mamaof4mamaof4 October 2011

    The Mirena is awful!!! Mine was falling out & it caused tons of cramping after sex. I would not recommend it at all, it also made me a crazy moody mama :( Removal was the best decision ever!!

  • pnsw524pnsw524 October 2011

    I had paragard same thing just a different brand. They think rough sex is why mine was a just out of place enough to let me get pregnant!

  • LaFiiTz89LaFiiTz89 October 2011

    I had the mirena and my bf at the time could ffeel the string...he was real big and and idk if cuz of sex but it was halfway out when I went to a check up appointment

  • Proudmommy8789Proudmommy8789 October 2011

    im so glad my husband is an average sized! cause im getting it on the 8th of november

  • Xsuzy21xXsuzy21x October 2011

    I had the mirena bout 3 yrs. N never had a problem n me n my bf also have rough sex lol hes never complained n I believe hes average in size lol I really liked having it n im gettin it again after this baby

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