petite mommies

  • babyhammbabyhamm October 2011

    How was ur birth? And recovery? Any easier cause we're small? Just curious.. All the women in my family are super super tiny.. None of their births were longer than like 5 hours total! Im hoping mine is quick too!!

  • babyhammbabyhamm October 2011

    Im about to be 38weeks and im weighing in between 120-122 i was 82 when i found out i was 3weeks. Im 5ft and 1/4 inch lol gotta add that 1/4 inch!

  • myHEARTZx3myHEARTZx3 October 2011

    i am not that petite lol i am 5'4" and i had two babies with no problems. labor went really smooth. i was 97lbs pre preg for my first birth and ended up at 137 at the time of labor that labor was 7 hours and pushed baby out in less then 20 minutes. second labor i gained more weight but that labor was even faster...less then 3 hours and baby came out by my second or third push. my labors were realy quick and easy and i had no pre labor pains/pressure leading up to labor like how i keep hearing about on here

  • Mrs4cMrs4c October 2011

    I had to be induced because of high BP but it was all 13 hours. I will say my daughter weighed 6lbs 5 oz when we left hospital and it's hard having people notice her small size and look at you funny when you say she's 4 weeks old not one when they ask and assume she's only one week old. Also my daughter still is in newborn sizes and sometimes preemie. Everyone I know who had babies close to me had babies 7.5lbs or bigger and I feel so crappy their babies are so much bigger. I'm 5'4" and husband 5'6" so we expected her to not weigh a lot but comparing to other babies and what strangers think is normal is hard.

  • graciesmommagraciesmomma December 2011

    I had the best l&d ever. Went to the hospital for really bad menstrual like cramps. They checked me and I was only at 1cm, but they decided to keep me for observation anyways. Well an hr went by and I really had to go to the bathroom so I told the nurse and she asked if I wanted to get checked again. I said sure, I wasn't really expecting any change, but to everyones surprise I was 8cm dilated. They doc got there 30 min later and I was fully dilated. After 5min of pushing my daughter was here. 6lbs 3oz. I didnt tear or anything. At 4wks she was 10lbs 3oz.

  • skysmaskysma December 2011

    I am 5 foot and pre pregnancy weight I was 88 and went to one twenty labor was 12 hours at baby was 5 12 18 in seconf pre pregnancy was 90 went to 114 labor six hours baby was 5 14 18in third was pre pregnancy was 88 pounds went to 130 pounds and labor was 8 hours baby was 7.4 21 in

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