Baby Liam is here :D

  • KelseyjoKelseyjo November 2011

    7lb 13oz 22in long born at 4:04am oct 31 (his daddys birthday) hes the most perfect precious baby ever :) will post labor story once we get home and settled!! Im so happy! Happy birthday Liam Gage ur the best birthday present daddy everr couldve amagined :D

  • amipregnantamipregnant November 2011

    Awwww how sweet! What a great bday present! Congrats!

  • vanalkrvanalkr November 2011

    cute name! congrats!

  • LittleFaeLittleFae November 2011


  • LittleFaeLittleFae November 2011

    That 7 is supposed to be a !

  • myHEARTZx3myHEARTZx3 November 2011

    Congrats! Isn't weird how that happens. I thought for sure my son was gonna be born on his daddys birthday because I went into labor at 8 something pm but my labor was fast I gave birth at 11:40pm...20 minutes before his dads birthday lol I guess he really wanted his own birthday...but october 31st is a real special day for u all :)

  • namelessnameless November 2011


  • mommimishamommimisha November 2011

    Yu had him!!! Iwas wondering if yu had him yet... yay CONGRATSSSSS
    awww what a bday gift... how perfect! Im so happy for yu ill be waiting for thee labor story :-D

  • 314babymama1120314babymama1120 November 2011


  • charliebby1116charliebby1116 November 2011

    Awwww Congrats!!!!!! That's pretty neat you guys get a 3 for 1 lol Halloween, daddys bday, and baby liams bday! It'll save you money on parties! Lol jk Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!

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  • momof22bemomof22be November 2011

    Congrats mama!!!!

    Our little family of 4
  • EmmiekenEmmieken January 2013

    I'm late, lol, but congrats! I had my son whom I named Liam last year about a month after you! Gotta love that name!

  • SalasMommySalasMommy January 2013

    Congrats hun!!!

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