July, 6th. DD

  • TimeBanditTimeBandit November 2011

    Who else is due in July after loosing a child? My son Caleb grew wings on 6/10/11 at 20w 5 days gestation. I'm totally nervous about everything so far I am 5w 5d today, I'm scared everyday something is going to go wrong and I haven't even gotten excited about it yet. Anyone else go threw this?

  • jodi102011jodi102011 November 2011

    @TimeBandit, I lost my baby june 21st, my husband I are trying now I am testing on thursday. Can I ask how you lost your baby. I am scared to death too

  • TimeBanditTimeBandit November 2011

    I lost Caleb due to an incompetent cervix. My new ob dr already has a game plan for this one. I am just scared cause I haven't stopped spotting since a week before af was due and a week after I ovulated. Idk whats going on I didn't do this all all last time. Ill have a cercluge put in at 12 weeks.

  • momof22bemomof22be November 2011

    Good luck Hun I am praying for you

    Our little family of 4
  • jodi102011jodi102011 November 2011

    @TimeBandit, that is why I lost my baby also. My dr is planning on 14 weeks and then weekly shots after that. Will you be on bed rest then? I think I will be.

  • Well congrats... I'm so happy for you. I know it'll be nerve racking.... i will keep u in my prayers for a strong & full term pregnancy :)

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  • %5BDeleted+User%5D[Deleted User] November 2011

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  • TimeBanditTimeBandit November 2011

    @jodi102011, My dr will pull me off work at 22 weeks this time and I will be put on semi bed rest which just means no extra anything. No heavy lifting, no sex, no extra walking, etc. I also just got told that my HCG levels from Fridays lab draw was 240 and that my progesterone level is 8.88 so I have to pick up progesterone suppository tomorrow morning. So far so good though, I feel way better knowing all this new information. I though I lost the baby because I have been spotting and bleeding light for a about 3 weeks now, but now that I know its from my progesterone level we can fix that. I see the dr on the 15th and hopefully get to see my little beans heartbeat. I always feel better when I get to see the beauty of life inside me. I'll also get levels back from Mondays lab draw tomorrow so fingers crossed they will have doubled. I have known I am pregnant since the day after my period so 4weeks 1 day lol way way early this time. Thank you lady's for listening to me and being my best support group I have. I'll keep you all updated as soon as I know anything. Thanks again.

  • jodi102011jodi102011 November 2011

    @TimeBandit, I hope I can work that long but I am not sure what will happen. I will be praying for you. I am pretty sure I am pregnant but going to wait till thursday to test. According to my period I am 4 weeks I think.

  • TimeBanditTimeBandit November 2011

    @ jodi102011-Ooooo baby dust & fingers crossed for you. We could be belly buddys lol My job really is not that stressful I drive heavy equipment 3 nights a week that's it. As long as I would be able to walk short distances and be able to drive my own car I would be able to work. The mechanics I work with are amazing they left anything for me if I think its to heavy. I am still nervous as heck but I am hoping I am finally going to have my rainbow baby. Keep me posted. Ill be waiting to hear what happens with you.

  • lovelyduenovlovelyduenov December 2011

    I lost my twins in April and I'm happy to say I'm 7 w today I'm due july 22,2012 if anyone is interested in a belly buddy .

  • MyLove2MyLove2 January 2012

    I'm due July 5th, 2012 and this is my first so i'm deffinitely nervious about the
    delivery!! :-S @TimeBandit

  • MyLove2MyLove2 January 2012

    @lovelyduenov OMG you lost twins im SO SORRY for your loss must of been hard to recover from that.

  • lovelyduenovlovelyduenov January 2012

    You think a lot but you learn to deal with it but you'll never forget it hun

  • TimeBanditTimeBandit January 2012

    I lost this pregnancy at 8 weeks, I had twins and lost them both within a 2 week period. I got into a car accident and totalled my car. Dr. Thinks the stress and accident itself is why I lost them. Oh well guess its back to the trying game for me ladys......

  • %5BDeleted+User%5D[Deleted User] January 2012

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  • jodi102011jodi102011 January 2012

    @TimeBandit, I am so sorry. I cant remember if I said that before. I will be praying for you to get your bfp soon.

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