• preggo123preggo123 November 2011

    Ugh I honestly feel like the only nov mommy that's still pregnant!!!!:/

  • 314babymama1120314babymama1120 November 2011

    Im 2 days over due so no you are not

  • preggo123preggo123 November 2011

    Aww we r the only ones...well that's wat it seems likee waaaa:(

  • madre2bmadre2b November 2011

    My due date was November 22nd I'm still waiting on her arrival ://

  • preggo123preggo123 November 2011


  • IreneIrene November 2011

    I would still be with you guys if they didn't induce me on the 22th. I was due on thanksgiving.. Im hopping you guys have your baby soon. :)

  • %5BDeleted+User%5D[Deleted User] November 2011

    The user and all related content has been deleted.

  • mommimishamommimisha November 2011

    Yu can have my labor dust!! :-) ihope yu guys have yur angels soon.. iknw that exact feeling of thee waiting game lemme tell yu it happens out of NO WHERE! Try having sex

  • bigtalkingtoribigtalkingtori November 2011

    Due Nov 30. He's still in there. Disappointed he won't be a November baby most likely. :(

  • Mylittleman2011Mylittleman2011 November 2011

    I feel u I'm due 12/9 but Dr was positive she would make her debute around thanksgiving here I am still preggers and been having full on contractions and false labor for 3 weeks! I was so sure I would be a November Mommy :( all I can do is cry when I go to Dr cause I'm so ready to hold her!!!

  • preggo123preggo123 November 2011

    Ooooooo girls I think that imma also be a dec mommy cause this little girl just isn't coming.out.:(

    Waaaa I dislike this waiting.game

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