The twins are coming, the twins are coming!

  • LeviLuv8LeviLuv8 December 2011

    Today my sil is being induced to have her baby girls!! Her & her husband have been waiting so long for this to come & are the most deserving people I know! They tried alone for 5 years without any luck. They tried clomid, insemination, and whatever else, nothing worked until they did invitro. Their first try with invitro stuck! And we were all delighted to hear it was twins!

    She has made it to 38 weeks & has been induced now it's the waiting game! I cannot wait, I'm probably going to cry when my hubby & I go visit tonight or tomorrow whenever they arrive! please send her some labor dust! She is doing vaginal!! Both babies are head down!

  • preggointxpreggointx December 2011

    Congrats my friend just had twin boys the other day

  • Mylittleman2011Mylittleman2011 December 2011

    Congrats to your sis and family!!!

  • LeviLuv8LeviLuv8 December 2011

    @preggointx & @mylittleman2011 thanks! The family is elated! Shes only at a 2 now!

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