May 2012 Mummies!

  • mumma_to_bemumma_to_be December 2011

    How many of yuu kno what yuur having? I found out on Wednesday that i'm expecting a little baby girl! I have to go back in a few weeks for another scan as shes measuring a bit small but other then that shes healthy!
    How are yuu's and yuur bubbas?

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  • Lacy809Lacy809 December 2011

    I'm having a boy but I have to go back on dec 29th cause they scheduled my appointment too early and couldn't get everything they wanted :)

  • LeviLuv8LeviLuv8 December 2011

    I don't know what I'm having. I'm due june 5th but I think i'll go in may! I have my 16w appt the 20th then i'll do my 20w & gender u/s like 18 of jan!

  • Lacy809Lacy809 December 2011

    @babyluv8 that's so exciting!! I think I will probably have Kamden in April since I'm due may 5th and its my second

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