Im nine weeks and two days pregnant!

  • AtrabertAtrabert December 2011

    Just found out three days before christmas, i was told i wouldnt be able to get pregnant on my own. So here i am unsure who exactly is the father, i never would have thought i would be in this kinda of situation ever! I feel so ashamed but i am keeping my baby, i just need some advice..

  • MomOfAnAngelMomOfAnAngel December 2011

    I wish you the best of luck. I was in that situation, and let me tell you..worrying about who the father is, is not the most important thing. Its just stress that you don't need. Best thing to do is come clean with the person who you're dating/seeing more seriously and not tell the other guy until you're certain its not the first guys. But make sure he knows and its up to them to decide if they want to stay or not. Cause regardless of the father, that baby is still yours.

  • MomOfAnAngelMomOfAnAngel December 2011

    Unless you want to tell both of them and let them know the chances. Either way..its not going to be easy, but if you look at it like 'this is my baby and whether they wanna stay right now or not, one of them is the father and will be held responsible in the end' then you should be okay. I know the ideal thing is to have the babys dad there, but that's not always the case. And if they are gonna be a holes like that then you don't need them and there's always child support lol

  • AtrabertAtrabert December 2011

    Thanks you made me feel better :) im not dating anyone currently i doubt ill be going on any dates anytime soon considering im pregnant. It kinda scares men lol, but that is the last thing even on my mind. I just want to be alone lol and i never get the chance to collect my thoughts and figure out what i want to do. Im so caught up with pleasing everyone, but myself. But f**k it im going to do whats best for me and my baby.

  • FateFate December 2011

    @Atrabert Right on!

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