ill start it off FOr fun

  • ValVal May 2012

    it seems like im the only one my bd week lol still havent ovulated hoping in the next couple of days...
    based on my lmp edd Jan 24Th =)

  • MijitaMijita May 2012

    Umm, not bd here just DANCING. lol! :-j

  • Darn you and you nice short cycle lol.

  • ValVal May 2012

    @majita- are yu not ttc?? or yu just not keeping track n having?? or yu just really just dancing? lol

  • I'm bd for fun but supposedly I've got two weeks until I ovulate.

  • MijitaMijita May 2012

    Hi @Val. I'm currently not trying to conceive, although I should be trying. It took hubby and I many years to have our LO. I'm suffering a bad case of PPD and am going to therapy so I can avoid medications --I breastfeed.

    I know I'm going to regret not taking advantage of my fertile months, but I'm just not ready. I only have one fallopian tube, so I'll have double the battle.

    I've been following your story and wish you the best of luck. The moment you relax and stop trying so hard, will be when you get pregnant. That's what happened to me.

    Oh, and to answer your question, hubby is a testosterone laden male who loves to dance, but what male doesn't?!?!

  • Im suppose to b ovulation this weekend. So we r close to the same time frame. :)

  • ValVal May 2012

    @redshadoe0- lol it seems like im on my period a lil too often now lol
    @mijita- wow i bet you do have double the troublehow old is ur lil one??
    which men doesnt.. MINE!!! lol he use to be so much fun wen we first met best sex ever now its like blah blah lol i have to start it off

  • ValVal May 2012

    @mommyof3girls- whoo hoo =) i dont feel so lonely! lol when is your edd?

  • MijitaMijita May 2012

    Lily well be 10 months on the 15th. I'm older and running out of time! I don't want to be a 40 year old pregnant woman!!

    Your bf is just probably stressed and doesn't want to disappoint. I bet he becomes himself once again when you guys become successful.

    Keep your head up, stay strong and never lose faith.

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