Walking in a walker

  • My daughter is 10 months and she still only walks backwards in her walker. When did your LO walk forward in a walker? She walks along things when shes not in her walker but not on her own yet. Just a couple steps here and there.

  • My son did at 6 months. My daughter, however, never did. She hated it! Now, she's almost walking on her own. She's 1.

  • I just thought by now she would be walking forward. Shes almost walking on her own too. And she loves to get out of her walker on her own! Lol!

  • my daughter did at 5 months. If she's almost walking on her own, I wouldn't worry about it.

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  • Ok thanks. Yea she doesnt seem to be interested in going forward lol

  • My pediatrician recommended not to use a walker, said it can actually slow them down on learning to walk, and learning to balance on their feet. My lo is 7.5 m she crawling everywhere and pulling up but no walking yet. Idk, theres alot of different opinions on it tho.

  • Mine said the same as @momma_erica but because it doesnt train thier muscles properly and can mess the hip up on walking. My hubby did major research when I was pregnant with my daughter and wouldnt allow it for either child. He work in the medical field and said its not worth the risks.

  • Well walkers are made to help them walk. I dont see a problem with them.

  • Every baby will walk at their own pace, there's no rush. If you like to use a walker with her, there's nothing wrong with it hun. Yeah it may delay walking a little, but if it's ok with you, that's all that really matters. I'm in no rush to have my daughter walk, she will when she's ready. :)

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  • I had heard walkers can cause children to walk on they tiptoes. Leo used one and tended to go up on his toes in it but I didn't let him in for long periods and I gave him lots of standing/walking practice with me and he was cruising at 9 months and walking at eleven months so no damage done! Like a lot of things its about not leaving them for long periods of time and being sensible! Leo used to love it on the hard kitchen floor (he could go faster!) And he would more often go backwards lol!

  • denoisdenois May 2012

    my health visitor told me last week not to use a walker as it can slow them down and effect how they walk meanjng they will walk on tiptoes! i stopped using tje walker and within a week my little one is doin it properly all by himself!!

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