Whos 5 feet or shorter

  • Ok so long time ago I read in a magazine that when your shorter than 5 feet that its harder to lose weight even if u just gain it. So I was wondering how many ladies in here are short and have you lost the pregnancy weight? If you did how? Im 4'9 and having trouble and it sucks!!!
    Also wanted to know how many pregnancies have you had? I have two but one baby. With my first prepregnancy I was 140 and went all the way to 206 had baby and went down to 175 and couldnt lost anymore stayed there. Then got pregnant with my secons and went to 220 yikes. Now im down to 200 and thats it. Sorry for this being long just needed to let it out.

  • luvmy5luvmy5 May 2012

    I have 5 kids. I am 4' 11.75" I lost the weight with my first, third and fourth. The second I didn't lose the weight until after my third. My fifth I am still struggling, but it is hard with health problems. How old are you? I think as you get older, your metabolism slows making it harder, plus your body changes after having kids. Women are so hard on themselves, with doesn't make things any easier.

  • I meant to put 4'11 lol..

    @luvmy5 im 21. And when I was 14-17 I was very active. Now I cant do much im to lazy and I dont get why. Hopefully i start doing something bevause I sure dont want the extra weight :/ btw how much do you weight now?

  • This is the smiley I wanted :-|

  • luvmy5luvmy5 May 2012

    I'm quite a bit older. Soon to be 29. I am around 150, normally 115.

  • Im 4'8" and never hit 100 till the Army at 18... was a max of 110 in Army. Was 100 pre with daughter delivered at 135 then gained to 145. Was 140 pre with son, delievered at 135 and now 140 again.. BUT I am a procrastinator and really have not tried to lose anything yet... And Im 29 tomorrow...

  • I'm 5'1" and am having a hard time losing weight. I was 155 pre baby, which I was not happy with. I got up to 177 while prego and am down to 156 now. I've been dieting for like 3 months now and exercising for 2 and I just feel like its taking FOREVER! My goal is 130, my perfect weight would be 120. It's sooo hard to lose weight. And when you're short, an extra 10-20lbs (or more) looks like 50!!

  • Oh and I'm 26

  • M%C3%A1thairMáthair May 2012

    I am 4'11" and 28, I'm 182 and I have lost some of the baby weight from my second I was 210 but I started at 160. I'll work for 2-3 months to loose 10lbs eating healthy and exercising for an hour and walking 1+ mile/s every day only to gain it back in one week of not walking due to rain.

    With my first it came off almost immediately, but I started at 96, only went up to 135 and ended at 100 and I was happy with that weight.
    I'm beginning to think the only way I can loose weight is by only eating lettuce and raisins and only drinking water.

  • I'm right at 5', and was about 112 pounds before I turned 21. I gained 10 pounds before I got pregnant, buy it was mainly boobs and thighs so it was proportionate and it looked good! I gained 70 something pounds with my son, back in 2006. I was up to 193 the day before I had him, and got down to 165 before I got pregnant with my daughter. I had my daughter last year, and only gained 40 pounds this time around. I lost all the weight, but have put on about half the weight in the last few months.

    A couple of years ago, I was a gymaholic. 5 days a week, 2 hours a day. 1500 calories daily, and no results whatsoever. Same with now, I've cut back on calories, laid off of fatty and fast foods, cut out soda and most sugars, and nothing. I'm still gaining!!

    I'm at loss. I want so badly to lose 50 pounds, but I want to do it the healthy way. I swear my body just likes all the fat and doesn't want to get rid of it. I've never felt so uncomfortable and gross in my life!! :(

  • julesjules May 2012

    I'm 4'11 and 22 had no problem having the weight come off my lol is 5 months now and I weigh 85 pounds. Everyone is different I have fast metabolism I guess but I was active through my pregnancy.

  • I am 5'1 does that count? lol The harder time losing doesnt apply to me :( I have had 3 kids and prepreggo i am 95-100lbs i usually gain 30lbs or so during pregnancy and now im 7 mo pp and back to weighing 100lbs (i really wish I didnt though)

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  • @Jules @Bahamamama4828 oh yea rub it in skinny minnies!!! Lol ;)

  • @lilsugarsmomma have you had your thyroid checked?

  • I'm 4'11 wit 3 kids before my kids I was 103lbs wit my last baby I got to 147 an now I'm down to 110 my baby is almost 7 months i started out on the slimfast bars diet an now I jus walk before breakfast have a lite breakfast a really small snack an a lite supper that's the only Wat I culd lose it i tried eating healthy all thru the day but it did nuthn for me o an no sweets an only water I use a app on my phone to count my calories I agree it seems really hard to lose weight

  • @starrxoxo9 i know right uugghh!

  • @lilsugarsmomma thats how I feel

  • @jules lucky u.

  • @starrxoxo9 Yep, every 6 months since thyroid disease runs in my family. It's always came back normal, however this last time came back on the higher end of abnormal. :(

  • I am 4'11" weighed 120 prepregnancy. Got to 160, (159 according to the nurse who weighed me last cause she wanted to make me feel better. Lost 22 by the time of my 6 wk check up. Cant seem to get rid of the rest. Even eating healthy and going to the gym.

  • candy101candy101 May 2012

    AJ is my first baby I started at 175 ended at 188. He is six months old and i am at 149. I am 5 ' even

  • Im 5'.0” I was 101 prepregnacy then end my preggo with 142 lost only 30 pounds in 4months then i found out i was preggo again. So second pregnancy start it at. 113 im 34weeks preggo now weighing 131lbs now

  • skysmaskysma May 2012

    I am 5 foot had 3 kids and when I started I was 88 pounds and now three kids later I am93 never went on a diet

  • skysmaskysma May 2012

    O and wit my 1st went up to 122 2nd 114 and 3rd 130

  • julesjules May 2012

    @camilasmommie thank u I'm glad that I'm that way but sometimes it gets old cause it feels like people give me a hard time and now I have my fiances ex wife whose telling my step daughter that I'm too skinny and how being skinny is a bad thing and I hope no one says that about me to my daughter one day BC I would like to BA good role model for her I am get mother after all :)

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