How are all the Oct 2011 mommies doing?

  • I just cant believe what a difference a year makes. Wowzers! My baby boy is getting bigger and bigger, like everytime I look at him!

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  • sands3sands3 June 2012

    Doing good. My boy is growing up way to fast too. I'm not ready :(

  • were great.shes growing so fast but its rewarding to see the new things she learns everyday.i just love her to bits!!!

  • We are doing good here. She's getting so big and seems she learns something new everyday. I love watching her develop her own personality and attitude. I can't believe in just 4 short months our babies will be ONE. :-(( When did that happen??

  • Jess510Jess510 June 2012

    I'm doing good and so is baby Johnny. I'm so glad I still have you ladies.

  • momaynotmomaynot June 2012

    Olivia is great! She was born on the 26th. Weighs 15 pounds. Has been doing the army crawl for a month and has been rocking back and forth on her knees for two weeks. She has two bottom teeth. She says hi, when she feels like it ;), and waves. She just started saying ba BA BA and ma ma. She does raspberries and gives hugs and kissses. I am taking a year off to spend more time with her and I can't wait! Three and a half work days left!

  • acw104acw104 June 2012

    my daughter Allyson is doing amazing, shes crawling and trying to walk, and learning new things every day, i cant beleave how big she is alrety.

  • RoxyRoxy June 2012

    Were good also My Lil monkey is growing so much : )

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