• Mallory27Mallory27 June 2012

    how many bottles does your 6/7 month get? and how many oz? and if they eat fruit/veggies how many times a day do you do it?

    Makenzie drinks a 4oz bottles most of the time. ( I tired a 6oz but she doesn't finish it and I don't want to waste). She has them about every 3 hours So she is getting about 6 bottles a day with her first at 5am and her last at 8pm and then she is waking up at like 2am to eat (Which is a whole nother ball game lol) ANYWAY she also gets fruit and cearl at breakfast time lunch time she eats about half a stage 2 jar and then finishes the other half at dinner time.
    Today I skipped the 5pm bottle and gave her a whole stage 2 jar and then an hour later she was screaming for a bottle but only drank 2oz of it :-( Idk I feel like 6 bottles is a lot is it? maybe she is ok and I just don't know haha

  • Evie gets 4x 6/7 oz bottles, plus breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus snacks. Shes 7.5 months, and sleeps 7-7

  • Lily drinks 5 6oz bottles sometimes she has breakfast but not consistently but she always has a whole stage 2 fruit or veg for lunch and dinner sometimes cereal too and snacks throughout the day she sleeps from 8 to 7 she is 7 months old

  • Mallory27Mallory27 June 2012


    Makenzie is waking up at night because she has to fast often to get her eyes check (due to the cancer) and has now gotten use to the last feeding at 2am... I hope she will get over this. I tired giving her a 6oz bottle at 8pm for her last one to see if it would help her but I can never get to her take the whole bottle! I think it would help if I could cut that 5pm bottle out and only give her veggies instead. Today was the first day so we will see what she does tomorrow

  • Mallory27Mallory27 June 2012

    But if you think about it she is getting 24 oz a day just like your kiddo.. so maybe it is ok? lol

  • i think so, maybe give her a smaller bottle at 5 and that may help her take more on her 8 Oclock feeding? I wouldnt worry, shes doing great, I saw your photos, shes such a doll : -), she truly is a credit to you.

  • Mallory27Mallory27 June 2012

    I guess your right she is right on track with her weight and everything I just felt like she was eating all day lol but i guess shes good. And thank you :-)

  • :-)

  • sands3sands3 June 2012

    Jack gets 4-5 Oz bottles about 3 times a day and a 7 Oz bottle early morning and before bed. He gets half jar fruit with cereal in morning, half jar meat and half jar veggie for lunch and dinner

  • Ellie Mae gets 5-6 5 oz bottles a day. She eats cereal and a fruit or veg twice daily, maybe equal to 1.5 jars of stage 2 total daily? She sleeps from like 8:30-7.

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