hubbys turn in the E.R

  • Now my hubby is sick!!
    This morning was me and I went to the E.R and everything. And now he is getting checked out.
    He has dizziness, light headed, and a cold sweat.
    What could it be??
    We think it might be his blood pressure.
    Could it??

  • starrxoxo9starrxoxo9 June 2012

    I'm not sure! Bump!! I hope he's ok %%-

  • luvmy5luvmy5 June 2012

    Sounds like the flu

  • WilsomomWilsomom June 2012

    I'm not sure either, but I hope he's alright.

  • Thank you....he is always calling me ER and now he is here....its kind of cruel irony lol....
    No but I do hope he is fine. He is happy n goofy most of the time n now he is I guess he is not lying.

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