VENT uhhg my sister pissses me off with her choices

  • So my sister is living down in flint mi has been last few years so ever since she broke up with her bf of 3 years a few months ago she has turned into a compltly diff person she has started doing drugs (says she isnt but compltly obvious weird behavior lost so much weight she is,dwn to like 85 lbs and is,normally 125/130) she drinks constantly day n night n she told me she,thinks she might be pregnant and shes,not sure who the father is could b one of 3 guys and shes still drinking n smoking n shit i just wanna shake,her uhhhhg n she was never like,this,till she moved to flint she had all these goals n was against drugs n drinking n uhhhg i wish i could talk her into leaving flint

  • MijitaMijita July 2012

    How sad :( Really sounds like a serious cry for help. I wonder if she's masking and numbing her pain and problems instead of dealing with them. Sounds like an intervention of sorts is needed before it's to late, as going below 85lbs for a woman is very very unhealthy!

    Good luck!

  • Math_MommyMath_Mommy July 2012

    Wow, I came across this thread while searching Paradise lost (the documentary series by HBO. I'm from the metro Detroit area and have had more than one friend get swallowed up in the Flint crack/heroin scene. Was she going to school in ypsi? Unfortunately, there's not much you can do besides shower her with love (not $$$ or any other element of "enabling") and provide her a soft place to fall when she does decide to get clean (reservee a bed for her at Brighton and cancel and re-reserve to assure a spot when she gets sick and tired of "living thelife".) I've dealt with addiction & mental health issues for years now

  • Math_MommyMath_Mommy July 2012

    Feel free to inbox me anytime

  • She grew up in traverse city mi thats where we grew up so she came from a really nice Place but i think our cousin dwn thr got her hooked on something n i,keep beggin her to come back,n she just keeps saying her life is in flint now n she is so skinny its gross n she eats alot idk what to do

  • Aww... Really sorry to hear this. My younger sister was on meth. Took a few times in jail and rehab to get her off and its only been a couple months. really hoping she stays away this time. Shes 24 with a 8yr, 7yr, 4yr kids. Her low life boyfriend is in prision right now so i think thats helping her stay clean. Its a long process and the person has to want to get clean themselves. It really sucks and its hard to c ur own family stuggle w such evil. :(

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