Any ladies get preggo while on Nuvaring?? UPDATE

  • misskristinmisskristin September 2012

    I have been on Nuvaring for the last 5 months and I was also on it for a few years after my son was born. For the last 4 months, my period has been right on time...I'm late. It's only 1 day, but for the past week, I have been tired & super cranky, my boobs hurt (even under my arms), I had cramps up until yesterday, and I've had more headaches (which plague me while pregnant). Obviously I will be testing on Monday if AF doesn't show, but I'm curious if anyone has gotten pregnant while on the ring...

  • Proudmother1009Proudmother1009 September 2012


  • misskristinmisskristin September 2012

    I told hubby if i don't start today, I will test in the morning. My son is 6 years old and my daughter is almost 8 months. :) We weren't planning on trying until this time next year, but we also understand that birth control isn't 100%.

  • Proudmother1009Proudmother1009 September 2012

    Good luck keep us updated!!

  • misskristinmisskristin September 2012

    @Proudmother1009 Will do! :)

    @WyattsMommy Thanks for replying!

  • %5BDeleted+User%5D[Deleted User] September 2012

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  • misskristinmisskristin September 2012

    Update....I tested twice yesterday, one with a blue dye test and one pink dye test. The blue dye test gave me a faint positive, the pink test gave me a negative. So here I am, 3 days late. Started cramping this morning after I took my son to school, thought for sure I would start by the time I woke back up with my daughter...nothing. I'm going to test again in the morning and if it is negative, I am calling the doc & getting a blood test because I'm either pregnant or my hormones are way out of whack.

  • misskristinmisskristin September 2012

    @gatorbob I have never had a problem with the ring before, not even with being late. I know it's supposed to be very effective, I wish I knew what was going on with my body. Thanks for the info!

  • LaFiiTz89LaFiiTz89 September 2012

    I got prego off it during my "safe" week. Here I am due in 9days lol

  • misskristinmisskristin September 2012

    @lafiitz89 Well congrats! lol I just wish I would either test positive or start my period already. Not a big fan of limbo.

  • captivatedcaptivated September 2012

    The pink dye test is the most accurate one. Blue dyes almost always give me false positives/evaps.

  • misskristinmisskristin September 2012

    Ya, that's what I told hubby when he brought home the blue ones, which is why I bought the pink ones. lol

    Started spotting today...

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