White Cloud disposable diapers

  • Ahh, I'm so happy with these diapers! They are so soft and fluffy and sturdy! Alana was using huggies little movers which was good but I'd find clumps of hard diaper material all the time in them so i wanted to switch. And get this.. a BOX is only $15! So much cheaper than what i was paying for 80 diapers ($25) Lets hope she don't develop any type of rash from them (she's super sensitive.) :) so happy!

  • Sjmomof3Sjmomof3 November 2012

    I actually use the Aldi brand. The sell them for size 3, 36 for $4.99 and the work great. She has never had a reaction, they hold over night and she has no blowouts.

  • @aldi ooh i never heard of those! Ill Google them!

  • Oh my gosh.. lol i must be really tired! i meant @sjmomof3 lol where do you buy them at also?

  • Steph_Due_101611Steph_Due_101611 November 2012

    @mommylovessparkle she buys them at Aldi

  • Oh okay i don't think we have one of those here but that's okay because I'm in love with white cloud!

  • Steph_Due_101611Steph_Due_101611 November 2012

    Oh ok. @sjmomof3 lives by me

  • Sjmomof3Sjmomof3 November 2012

    @MommyLovesSparkle yeah Aldi is the chain of grocery stores. They have cheap but good food. I used to use Targets but tried Aldi's one day and was quit surprised how well they work. Plus they have the 216 bag of baby wipes for $2.99 as well. Usually those are about $4-6 with name brands. Yeah @Steph_Due_101611 lives by me and we have 5 of those stores within of 10 miles.

  • Steph_Due_101611Steph_Due_101611 November 2012

    @sjmomof3 i still wonder if we've ever met lol.

  • angie87angie87 November 2012

    Where did you get the diapers

  • @sjmomof3 oh okay :)

    @angie87 i got them at walmart. Its not the store brand. I think they're brand new.

  • angie87angie87 November 2012

    Thanks am going to try them . I use Huggies also hopefully this works for him so we can save a little more

  • Mallory27Mallory27 November 2012

    I just bought Aldi haven't tried them yet. Makenzie would only use pampers and I tired Luvs and she has done ok so I wanted to try another one maybe now that she is a little older her skin isn't as sensitive

  • angie87angie87 November 2012

    I just bought the white cloud diapers and yeah those are new their never saw them before. So far so good but he's only had one diaper change with them. I think I still like huggies better but will see. I really like how soft and not bulky they are

  • Steph_Due_101611Steph_Due_101611 November 2012

    Walmart used to carry white cloud about 5-6yrs ago and they stopped. But i had still seen them at k-mart. But apparently they're coming back if y'all found them at Walmart.

  • @angie87 oh yay you bought them! I like them better in my opinion but hopefully they work out let me know! They turned out perfect for my daughter and they're soooo soft!

    @mallory27 try them a small pack is only 6.00 here :) comes with 30ish?

    @steph_due_101611 hmm i wonder why they stopped? They're great !

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