• 1stWoodsBaby1stWoodsBaby November 2012

    So I've never taken birth control for more than 3 weeks. In Dec. Of 2010 I started taking a pill and bled for 3 weeks straight. Hated that so i stopped the pill.
    Well now after having 2 babies in 2 yrs i have to do something about this. So I started the pill again. I've taken it 3 1/2 weeks. The first 10 days no bleeding.. but since day 11 I've been bleeding. So like 15 or so days now.
    Just curious what is an average amount of time to bleed when you start a new pill? After my 6 weeks of PP bleeding and now this bleeding I am sick of blood. Im keeping the tampon companies in business.

  • sands3sands3 November 2012

    I never bled after starting the pill and I was on it for a few years.

  • angel26angel26 November 2012

    Sorry i cant help. I was on depo and it messed me up.

  • 1stWoodsBaby1stWoodsBaby November 2012

    @sands3 lucky lady
    @angel26 oh I've heard it can really mess you up. My mom had like a 4 month long period.

  • angel26angel26 November 2012

    1stwoodbaby now thats a long period. Lol. I had one for 20 days in aug. I havent had one since.

  • kenzie0713kenzie0713 November 2012

    That's what began happening to me after I had my daughter and no matter what pill they tried I kept bleeding after the 4th one I gave up ended up prego again and will go for paraguard after I deliver. I never had that problem until I became a mother.

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