shoes for little ones?

  • stepheniestephenie January 2013

    Anyone have any suggestions on shoes for a 15 month old? I am having the HARDEST time trying to find a pair that fit good and she likes. She would rather be barefoot! :-D

  • angie87angie87 January 2013

    Have you tired the Robeez shoes? Also Strode Rite shoes are good also. The have regular, wide, extra wide shoes. My son needs wide and that's one of the the only places I found that has the like that.

  • angie87angie87 January 2013

    I also let my son be barefoot all day unless we go out he loves being barefooted also.

  • ashley_smashleyashley_smashley January 2013

    I would try something with a softish rubber sole..Ollie wears a leather soft soles shoe the brand is Smaller by See Kai Run. They are amazing! He wears then almost every day for 5 months and they are still in amazing shape!

  • ashley_smashleyashley_smashley January 2013

    Robeez is another awesome brand!!

  • stepheniestephenie January 2013

    @angie87 @ashley_smashley
    thank you both! i will look into those! i wish i would have introduced her to shoes a little earlier because she crys now when i put them on her feet. :( that and hats!

  • sands3sands3 January 2013

    Both my boys wear stride rite because they have fat feet and its hard to find wider shoes anywhere else

  • stepheniestephenie January 2013

    @sands3 thanks! i think we have a store here in town that sells them and will check them out this weekend! her feet are kinda chubby too! :)

  • angie87angie87 January 2013

    I never put shoes on my son till he started walking he was 11 months. He also would cry when I put shoes on him but only if they are to small for him. That when I also knew it was time for some bigger shoes

  • stepheniestephenie January 2013

    @angie87 my daughter started walking at 11 too and i just let her wear socks everywhere. i am thinking that is why she is crying because the shoes i do have don't fit her very well!! or aren't very comfy. thanks!!

  • ashley_smashleyashley_smashley January 2013

    Stride rite will actually do a little fitting with you. My son wears a wide shoes, I wouldn't have know if not for my fitting.

  • M%C3%A1thairMáthair January 2013

    Skidders! They were the only shoe Lilium would wear, now she is obsessed with shoes.

    They also carry them at Target and Babies-r-us.

  • Mrz_JacksonMrz_Jackson January 2013

    My daughter don't like them but she will wear the koala brand from baby's r us I got her a real cute pink glittery pair for 16$ super cute an she likes them :)

  • ashley_smashleyashley_smashley January 2013

    We love our skidders!!

  • WilsomomWilsomom January 2013

    I forget what they're called, but they have shoes with real soft soles & the top is like a sock. It might be the skidders :/ They look so comfy I wish I had some. Lol

  • WilsomomWilsomom January 2013

    ^^ ok, I just looked at your link & yeah that's it lol, love them! @màthair

  • My daughter is a stride rite baby :) and nike lol but most nikes have hard soles. Stride rite has super bendy soft walking shoes and stuff :)

  • LilliansMomLilliansMom January 2013

    Stride rite is too expensive for me so I bought Lily soft sole shoes from payless and she wore those until she was walking really good and now wears sneakers from payless and she loves them they have Abby from sesame street on them and she loves to point at her! And she runs and walks great in them. The soles aren't really hard they have bend to them. And she is bare foot unless we are going out.

  • LilliansMomLilliansMom January 2013

    Oh and they are super easy to put on too!

  • namelessnameless January 2013

    my daughter has a pair of boots I got from ross and she loves them!!
    theres a zipper on the side that goes all the way down..easy for me to get on and off..but not for her! :)

  • angie87angie87 January 2013

    Oh yeah the skidders are also good ones

  • stepheniestephenie January 2013

    @Máthair @Wilsomom thank you! I have seen these in the stores but wasn't so sure about them! I don't know anything that has tried them before so I will have to try them!!

    @Mrz_Jackson thank you! I bought a pair of those when she was little! Maybe I will try those again now that shes older!

    @MommyLovesSparkle I had a pair of Nikes from my sister but her feet were to chubby! :) But I am planning on going to look at the Stride Rite shoes this weekend! See if she likes those!

    @LilliansMom I was looking online at the Stide Rite shoes and they are expensive! But if I just get her 1 good pair for now and get her at least use to shoes that might help! I have bough so many cheap ones and she just doesn't like them. :) But she is like you daughter, barefoot unless we are going out! And when in the car first thing she does is take her socks off! :)

    @nameless I just got a pair of boots for my daughter for christmas...they are really soft and slip on...She didn't like those. :)

    thank you everyone for your input!! Hopefully we will find a good pair this weekend! Otherwise my daughter is going to have a TON of shoes. :)

  • ashley_smashleyashley_smashley January 2013

    If you have an outlet mall near you there is usually a stride rite there. That's where I get Ollie's! They are usually half the price!

  • stepheniestephenie January 2013

    @ashley_smashley thanks! we have a few outlet malls close to us!!

  • caroline8_pcaroline8_p January 2013

    Crocs! I loved Malia' s crocs, and she'll get them again when it's warm.

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  • jeweljewel January 2013

    Try pip squeakers Ally loves them and they are perfect soft soles

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