birthday party

  • Soon2bmommyof2Soon2bmommyof2 January 2013

    So my daughters birthday is feb.17th and I have no idea what I wanna do its only her 2nd birthday but I feel like I have to do something special because my sons is march 6th its his 4th. Well I feel as if I do a small party for her everyone will think I favor my son like they already do. My issue is I was thinking f doing them together but I wanted her to be in a tutu dress and if I do it at a bounce house place she might rip it I've thought about changing her but I want her to wear it all day. And we cant really afford 2 big birthday parties as we have to move out by march 3rd. So any ideas on what to do? We live in an apartment right now so a party at home really wont work.

  • julesjules January 2013

    Well I would just do the combined party and don't worry about the tutu situation. That be last thing on my mind. The important thing since your trying to watch your budget and that they both have fun. And you have to be fair to them both as that way it's win win situation.

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