Hello ladies... I have a labor question 4 all of u whom have given birth before...

  • babysoloriobabysolorio April 2013

    How far from your due date did you go into labor & give birth & did u jus start feeling contractions or did your water break... For instance my last child was born 11 days before his due date & my water bag broke...

  • WilsomomWilsomom April 2013

    I've gone anywhere from 2 weeks early to 2 weeks late & all in between. I've broke my water twice, started with contractions 5 times & was induced twice.

  • My first i was 2 days over due and felt contractions n when they got closer went into the hospital and with my second i was induced 3 weeks before his due date

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  • tjscrdtjscrd April 2013

    With both of mine I went in on and they were born the day after their due date. My water didn't break. I went in for contractions with my son, I went in for extreme pelvis pain with my daughter but I guess I was contracting as well.

  • I went into labor exactly one week early and my water didn't break.

  • I got my bloody show and just started having contractions.

  • doodlesdoodles April 2013

    My first was 9 weeks early water broke. Second was 5 weeks early water broke.

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  • julesjules April 2013

    My after broke at home a week early, had her 13 hrs later.

  • mommy2twomommy2two April 2013

    With my daughter my water broke on her due date, I'm now 34weeks pregnant with my son, my doc thinks I might go into labor early tho Idk we'll see what happens.

  • lovemylife11lovemylife11 April 2013

    I went 9 days over had to be induced

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  • captivatedcaptivated April 2013

    I was induced with my first. With my second I began to lose my bloody show with consistent contractions and went to the hospital. Gave birth an hour and a half later at 38 weeks. water broke at the hospital around 7cm.

  • JessibearJessibear April 2013

    My water broke at 34 weeks five days had him at 35 weeks.

  • AubreysmommyAubreysmommy April 2013

    I had a induction sheduled for sept 4 at 5am. I was feeling off the day before so ii went in at 5 for the induction and had been in labor since the day before. She didn't come till 5:53 via csection. She was born 37 weeks 4 days

  • musicmommamusicmomma April 2013

    I was induced after being five days late with my first. my second came a week early and mine started with contractions being four minutes apart then went to three minutes apart. my water broke when the nurse was checking to see how dilated I was when I first got to the hospital.

  • LaFiiTz89LaFiiTz89 April 2013

    First came 2 weeks early. Had contractions for a day. Water didn't break until I started pushing. 2nd I was induced a week early no signs of labor at all. 3rd came exactly on my due date contractions started in the morning had him at night

  • lilbit01_209lilbit01_209 April 2013

    First was due date, c-sec 24 hrs later, water broke
    Second 41 weeks, c-sec 12 hrs later, contractions

  • Leggs2011Leggs2011 April 2013

    6 days late! No real contractions. I was on pitocin and magnesium. I refused to let them break my bag. :)

  • Minx1018Minx1018 April 2013

    First was 4 days late, went in with consistent contractions and they broke my water at a 9
    Second was 3 days late, went in with consistent contractions and my water broke on its own at an 8

  • sands3sands3 April 2013

    My oldest was 2 days past due date. Contractions
    Started on their own. My second was a week early. Contractions started just 7 hours before my scheduled c section.

  • TinknbobTinknbob April 2013

    With my oldest 2 biys water broke 9 days before due date. My 3rd lil guy had to have an induction a week after due date. With my 4th lil guy water broke on exact due date. As far as 5th lil guy we'll see in August what happens

  • mam082711mam082711 April 2013

    Water broke on scheduled induction day at 130am, went in at 330am, but never contracted on my own that I felt. I was 10 days late. Given pit @ 730am and he was born 414pm same day.

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