Taking away the paci/starting big girl bed

  • Kimberly4411Kimberly4411 April 2013

    I just found out I'm pregnant :X and I need to start getting my 18 month old ready to transition to a bed, she's getting a full size as I think toddler beds are a waste of money (and we need the crib mattress for the new baby). She can get up and down with her step stool and I'm going to buy a rail tomorrow. How do I go about getting her ready? How did you do it? Did you remove the crib? Lay with them until they fell asleep? I'm not in a huge rush because I still have to get everything attached to the wall in her room.
    Also, it's time to take the paci away, she's gotten a little obsessive and it's getting old lol. Should I take the paci away for a bit before we transition, or do it after? I don't think doing them at the same time would be good (but then again what do I know?). I'd like to take the paci away soon so that she won't be as tempted to take the baby's.

    Any help/advice would be awesome!!

  • sands3sands3 April 2013

    I'd do one first, then the other. Like you said, doing both at the same time is probably not a good idea. Too much all at once. As far as the bed, what I did with my first is sit next to him, on the floor, read him a story and sat there for a few mins longer til he was falling asleep. He did get up a few times in the beginning, I'd just walk him back to his room and sit a few mins again. It'll take some time, but she'll get the hang of it.
    With the paci, I started taking it away during the day. After a week, I took it away at nap time too. After a week or so, I took it away at bedtime. A few nights we're a struggle, but in a week it was completely gone.

  • Kimberly4411Kimberly4411 April 2013

    @sands3 thanks for your input, slowly taking the paci away is a good idea. She only gets it in the car and while she sleeps but if she finds one during the day she MUST have it lol. And there is no taking that thing away after she finds it.

  • sands3sands3 April 2013

    Mine is the same way. I just started taking it away
    During the day. What I do is...give him a snack when he wakes up. He'll drop the paci, then I grab it and put it in his bed. It stays there until he goes to sleep again.

  • I got my lo a toddler bed at 16 months. The first thing she wanted to do was lay down on it as soon as it was together. As soon as bed time came, she grabbed her blanky and bottle, climbed in and went to bed.

  • Kimberly4411Kimberly4411 April 2013

    @steph_due_101611 wow! She was ready, my mom thinks I need to keep her in a crib until like 3, she crazy! She's got to learn independence, hopefully it'll go smoothly for us

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