Cloth Diapering- need help

  • So I am really considering cloth diapering this baby, more for financial reasons I guess you can say. I have an 18mo old that I KNOW will not be potty trained by the time the new baby gets here in 2 months so that means 2 sets of diapers we'd have to buy and being that I am now going to be a SAHM we need to save in as many areas possible.

    I just need to know how to start many should I buy? Which ones should a starter stay away from? Where is best to buy from? I am a Zulily addict and they sometimes have some on sale but I do not know which brands are good and which are a waste. Like for example they are having a sale event right now for the brand Mon Joli Bebe in which they have a set for sale that includes the following:

    Includes wet bag and five diapers
    Fits infants
    Diaper shell: polyurethane-laminated fabric
    Diaper lining: micro-fleece / cotton
    Diaper insert: 100% cotton terry
    Machine wash; tumble dry

    Is that even good for $63?

    Any suggestions would help. :)

  • julesjules May 2013

    IM potty training my daughter at 18 months that way I don't have two sets of diapers it's worth try :) but $63 seems low cause I looked at them for our first one and just how pricie one was but I was looking at crazy fancy once which I didn't know at the time lol. If u get 5 with 5 liners I would get it! Hopefully someone who actually uses them can really help you though!

  • @jules Thanks! I know there is alot of information I can look up but it just seems so overwhelming with how many different types there are and all the things you need need, inserts, one size, pockets, etc... :/

  • That seems high. I have never even heard of that brand. Honestly, I would buy used. You can get some great deals on excellent condition used diapers. is a forum based sute that has used diapers. There are also a ton of pages on FB. If you just search cloth diaper BST you will find them.

    As for how many. You need to think about how many diapers your LO uses now, then multiply that by 2 or 3 and that's how many you need. It's best to do your diaper laundery every other day..or every 2 days MAX!

    I use a cheaper brand called Sunbaby. They are a pocket style diaper. You can get those for $6 or less a lot of times.

    There is a lot of info, don't get overwhelmed. Just take it little by little.

  • julesjules May 2013

    Ya there really are soo many different kinds and options. I think if it were me I would be willing to spend little more if they are more versatile and u can adjust the size therefore last longer I know they have some that do some that don't.

  • Also things like wet bags, and diaper sprayers are not necessary items. They are more if you have the extra money get them items. I only have 1 wet bag, if its dirty, I just use a gallon zip lock bag for when I go out and need to put a dirty diaper in. You will need a pail liner and a diaper pail. I use a tall trash can with a lid as my diaper pail. Planet wise has great pail liners!

  • @ashley_smahley Thanks for the info, so as far as soaking the soiled diapers you just keep them in a diaper pail in water? I was reading some people put them in scented trash bags so they don't smell as much?

  • I don't use a wet pail. Some prefer it. But I don't have a problem with a dry pail, and washing every other day. I also don't have a stink problem with my pail, so don't need scented bags. I keep my pail in the garage, where its cool, and leave the lid off. Keeping the lid on can cause the stinkies. Sometimes I will put so e lavender essential oil on a wash cloth and throw it in my pail.

  • Plus if your doing laundry every other day, that's a lot of trash bags to go thru!

  • I use a dry pail too, lid half off join some buy sell trade groups on fb you can get a lot more than 5 for 60 bucks with plenty of life left, I use bumgenious they last and fit well

  • I found this on pinterest
    I don't cloth diaper so I have no idea if it will help or not

  • alymariesalymaries May 2013

    Sometimes diapers on zulily are just rebranded cheapies and not worth it. If you are going for yhe savings factor, I definitely second sunbaby diapers. I buy 6 diapers without inserts for 30 bucks. Then I use floursack towels folded to stuff them (5 pack at walmart for 4 dollars). I hate microfiber (what diapers usually come with) and the floursack towels are cotton so they wash really well and dry quickly. They are one size which mean they grow with your baby, but probably won't fit until around 12 lbs. We don't do wet pails either. Just spray poop off in toilet and put in our bag. We wash every two days.

  • @Ashley_smashley that's a good point on the trash bags! @alysmarie @babyinblack 682 so looks like you guys prefer dry Paul more...ok so maybe this is a dumb question, but do all cloth diapers require seperate inserts? Also, I am reading that alot of these one size diapers are often times too big on newborns, so should I get a few just nb size?

    @kimberly4411 thanks! :)

  • Dry pail not paul lol

  • alymariesalymaries May 2013

    Pocket diapers and all in twos do require inserts. But the great thing about that is you can customize absorbency and really fast drying time.There are diapers called all in ones where the entire diaper and inserts are connected so you ddon't have to put it together. The convenience isnice but they take FOREVER to dry and that is a setback for me. They are also a little pricier. As far as newborns, we have a separate stash because the one size will be too big for a while. I havr about 30 righy now but plan to make at least 15 more before baby gets here. It might seem like a waste to have a newborn stash, but I plan to just sell them whenever baby outgrows them.

  • WilsomomWilsomom May 2013

    I used a wet pail at first until one of my toddlers dumped it all over the carpet!!! Plus it's a drowning hazard for the toddlers.

  • EricaK22EricaK22 May 2013

    I use Flip covers and prefolds. Personally, I would never buy newborn/small/med/lg diapers. Seems like a waste of money, when you can just buy one size which goes all the way up to 35lbs. If the one size is big on baby, they normally have a rise on them so they fit better. And i use a dry pail, and wash every other day.

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  • I bought some used nb size diapers bc generally you can find them in good shape cheap, then os. Prefolds and covers are probably cheapest but I don't know where to start there sorry

  • WilsomomWilsomom May 2013

    You could also start cloth diapering your older one now to get the hang of it. It would be much easier than a newborn & it would give you a chance to try a few different types of diapers if you want. I didn't start cloth diapering until my youngest was about 8 or 9 months & I wish I would've started years ago! I just use prefolds & covers. I've used lots of different covers & my favorite is an Econbum. Very simple, cheap & adjustable size. You can even just cloth diaper your older one once or twice a day just to try it out.

  • namelessnameless May 2013

    I prefer pockets..If you haven't got an co-op group ..I'd suggest looking for one ..if local ..even better! They can take about a month to get though. but the diaper are anywhere between $2-$5 per one. for brands like sunbaby..alva..jc..
    I first started w/1 then obviously got more from there. I'd say 20-30 is a good
    amount. ohh yes bst pages ..theirs a group for pretty much each brand lol
    p.s. never heard of the brand you're talking about.

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