omg so embarrassing tmi

  • Me an my hubby were doing the do last night an I was going down on him and I threw up :/ not on him I made it to the sink buy still!!!! Ugh I was so embarrassed!!! We laughed about it and I told him he could never tell anyone lol... anything like this ever happen to yall

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  • doodlesdoodles May 2013

    Yes it happened to me. Don't be embarrassed!

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  • perlyperly May 2013

    I never actually threw up, but i would gag a lot and i was never able to do it for long so i went to a sex shop and found me a mint flavored gel i could put on his penis and that did the trick. He liked the way the gel made him feel, and well i love anything mint... So it worked out wonderful ;)

  • tjscrdtjscrd May 2013

    I don't have much of a gag reflex but I did throw up once.. all over him! But I had eaten pizza with tons of crushed reds shortly before. -.- He thought it was hilarious so we just laughed it off, lol.

  • ChelsChels May 2013

    I've threw up on my man before...I wasn't pregnant though. He almost threw up as well. He was super pissed off and yelled at me! We laugh about it now. This was a couple of years ago.

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  • just gag. never threw up

  • Yep I've done that before, after a night of drinking with friends and I went down on him and threw up all over his lap!! Most embarrassing moment ever and he had to leave the room to go wash off in the bathroom so everybody who was there partying saw him walk out with puke on him! Not to mention I later found out there were about 4 or 5 of our friends watching through the bedroom window for some dumb reason. Humiliating

  • I made my husband use condoms when i was pregnant because I would actually start to gag or throw up when he would cum in me. He told his male co workers and they of course thought I was weird but couldn't help it. Idk why I would get so sick lol

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